Selecting any building create white overlay with grid over ground, extremely annoying and useless

This is why whole scene in AOE4 looks constantly flashing with changing palette every time I click building. Even if building not suppose to add any bonuses to units or things like that, just click on houses and you will see what I talking about.

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Yep, I just noticed that when watching a Stream, and searched if anyone has reported it. The streamer was constantly switching to TC, which made the ground flash all the time. It’s very annoying and probably bad for your eyes (maybe an epilepsy risk too).

It’s the same gray overlay when placing a building, but there’s also a grid there and it adds some value. It adds absolutely no value when selecting a building. I think it appears there (without the grid) because of the area of influence indicator, which is in yellow color just like the grid. So I assume they reused the same code.

Strangely this still hasn’t been noted nor fixed after a year. What’s going on?