Selecting multiple production buildings combines their build menu

If you have multiple different production buildings selected, sometimes the build menu shows a combination of production options, and sometimes not. It’s related to how many columns the production building has and which order you select the buildings.

If you select archery range, then shift and select barracks…
Menu shows all archery range production options. Looks normal.

If you select barracks before archery range, the menu shows spearman, man-at-arms, then handcannon, camel archer.


Grouping the town center with the barracks shows that even rows can get combined. Here we have the villager overlapping spearman, 2nd row the villager’s upgrade overlaps a spearman upgrade. Third row, you get one of the remaining spearman upgrades. Second column is the scout with a man-at-arms upgrade below it. Very confusing.


It’s just one of those ugly things I’ve learned to deal with now but as a new player it made it so confusing trying to learn which buildings made which units and what upgrades what.

Good catch @Heftydogg! I’ll make sure the team takes a look. Much appreciated!