Selective breeding affects on the 0.25 or 1 on cows?

when paying for selective breeding which increases 25% fatten rates, does it affect 0.25 or 1? or how is the formula?

125% ?
I don’t quite get the question here

if the cow fattens 1 per second when on a livestock, then it fattens at 1.25?
or the 0.25 when not on a livestock is taken for the new fattening?

i wish the iu has this info, iu need this asap

Usually it applies for both, When at livestock and when idle.
Unless stated differently.

		<String _locID='445113'>Lone Star</String>
		<String _locID='445114'>Enables cows and makes them fatten faster and more than normal.</String>
			<Effect type ='Data' action ='Gather' amount ='1.30' subtype ='WorkRate' unittype ='LivestockPen' relativity ='BasePercent'>
				<Target type ='ProtoUnit'>Cow</Target></Effect>
			<Effect type ='Data' action ='AutoGather' amount ='1.30' subtype ='WorkRate' relativity ='BasePercent'>
				<Target type ='ProtoUnit'>Cow</Target></Effect>
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