Sending 1000 Tribute in one click

Hello Age4-Friends, dear developers :slight_smile:

This is my first-ever forum post and I only made an account for this specific request. This is rather an request towards the developers than a discussion (I hope that every player will agree with me), but I couldnt find a better forum category to post this.

I would LOVE to have the option of adding 1000 Ressources in the tribute menu with one click.

I am a pretty competitive player, and i love team games with my friends. We are always on voice chat and there is rarely a game in which we do not send each other ressources. Problem is: Even if i wanted to, sometimes simply CANNOT send 5000 ressources. because even at 5 clicks per second it would take me 50 clicks = 10 seconds to do so, and you guys know how valuable 10 seconds of game time can be.

I can see why it is not added yet: You wanted to keep it simple and maybe didnt feel the necessity to add a second button on each existing ressource-button. But here are some ideas of how it could work.

1st: Just do like a really small button in the bottom right corner of the original ones, labelled with like “++” or “1k” to indicate it adds a 1000.

2nd: Make it so that if i click on the buttons without having any key pressed, it adds a 100 (like it is now), and by simultaneously pressing a key (e.g. ctrl) you instead add 1000.

3rd Left clicking adds 100, right clicking adds 1000. (I read that right clicked now does -100, but honestly, i think the option of doing -100 is way less needed than +1000). At least I never needed it.

Guys, I know its only a small detail and there are larger and more urgent things to patch and update, but I would love to hear your opinion.

Best Regards


Used to be shift clicking would do increments of 500, max tribute is currently 9900 anyways


Used to be? So, they removed it? I cannot check it right now, but if it still works, then that would be totally great.

Oh sorry I meant in age of empires 2 and 3


Ah ok, thanks. So that really seems like they just forgot to do it in aoe 4, right?
Do you guys know the correct place in the forums/ an email adress, to remind them of adding this little feature?

This is a good spot, the devs have been reading our suggestions and comments and taking them into consideration, they seem pretty dedicated to listening what the players want.

They’ll probably see this tomorrow when they get back to the office.

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I’ve often wanted this.

It’s probably in the pipeline, along with all sorts of other little things.

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Yeah the ranked beta is looking pretty good from what I’ve been able to see, still tryna figure out how to be involved in it :sweat_smile:

Some qol improvements and lots of things we’ve been asking for, the hotkey system looks sexy

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