Sentinel and Firethrower need some rebalancing, 2 pop is too huge of a punishment

This is almost like artificially forcing malta players to turtle and not to push out because the army is expensive and smaller because of double the population cost. And because of the high pop cost they are not really affordable in age 2, but in age 3 you still need to manually upgrade them, which makes them kinda… bad. Don’t really know if a few charged attack and health boost should bump the price of these units up to this high, and those things don’t even come by default.


In a 40 mins drag I managed to boost sentinel to 384 HP but that’s still not close to double an industrial musketeer. And average games won’t even take this long, making them usually just have 10~15% more HP than a normal musk. Also not to mention that firethrower for some reason don’t even benefit from the HP boost


I think you are not supposed to spam them, the 2 pop is not a huge problem in early game, when you havent reached 200 pop yet. Malta is not a 'musket’civ, it has great archaic units, you can send cassadors and longbows if you like them more, firethrowers and swordsman are also good i guess (havent tested them enough). Sentinels are really more a support unit, building towers (&forts), fireing their rockets and soakong some damage with their aura


The Hospitalers are the one with the damage soaking aura but yes both of those units are supposed to be support units.

But I think Malta needs more wood. They need to train wooden units (Pikes and Crossbows) and they need to build many houses early to support their unique units.

Giving them cheaper hoses could solve the problem. Maybe tents instead of houses?
Adding 5 population to Hospitals would be a little too OP. They are already the cheapest barracks and they even heal units.

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Yeah, maybe the auberges age 2 card is supposed to solve this problem, but idk it feels a bit weak. Malta has good food production and with the infinite food-wood conversion card you can spam pikes and xbows forever

Agreed, the sentinels need a buff so they are worth 2 pop and same with the hospitallers. Firethrowers need to benefit from the 2%hp per card too so hopefully they fix that.

Wait till you hear about Chinese flamethrowers 21, those are 4 pop and do not perform as well in comparison

Malta lame seems to be growing at an exponential rate. So don’t start sharpening your buffing pencils yet.

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Really? What have you seen? I’ve been playing malta a lot but there hasn’t been a game where I don’t feel that I could have won it easier with another civ. They are quite fun vs lakota though.

Lol I’m seeing a definite trend

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All I’m seeing after 50+ games with malta is quite a few buffs are needed. Hospitallers performing poorly because they lack a bit more aoe, sentinels massively underperforming being 2 pop units but worse stats than other 1 pop musk like a sepoy or ashi, not even comparable to a soldado.
Also very slow tempo and hard to get going in general, only thing that works well is a xbow pike rush but I don’t particularly enjoy doing that every game.

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Sentinels,hospitaler and flamethrowers are all powerful units. Everyone’s playing Malta no one is playing Italy. That tells you where the lame is.

I feel like people are put off italy cause of he weird start and the eco micro that is required tbh

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They aren’t though, have you played malta? Fire throwers aren’t bad but are quite low hp and hard to mass due to needing a foundry and again 2 pop expensive unit.

Hospitallers and sentinels are both really underwhelming, I’d go as far to say that sentinels are pretty much trash.

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I think they do have dangerous meme pontential, especially on more closed off maps where they can play really defensively with cannons and rockets

with the rockets they kinda become a dangerous hurracas abus hybrid with splash damage and with the hurraccas as contentious as it is , this will only make it worse

On that note in a game yesterday I was up in a Malta fight. All of a sudden they popped into a building. I think it was called a commandry. They popped back out when reinforcement arrived. I got flashbacks. Apparently that argument is still up for debate.

They are a defensive turtle style civ so that’s what they are designed to do, all of their fortifications cost a lot of res though and all of them lose to mortars and the fixed guns can either be rushed down so they can’t shoot or taken out with culv.

The huaracas were never even good, they only did well due to being able to garrison in the stronghold. Out in the open they lose cost effectively to skirms and falconets. Same with the maltese fire throwers.

yeah but for maltese you have a different flavour of the cheese with the commandery, where u can potentially garisson and then teleport to the oppoenent’s base and just ■■■■ on the buildings as well.

It allows you to move fast but honestly I rarely use it though due to the tongue cards being mostly useless and too expensive.

The thing was right outside my base on his forward. He popped the units out and tagged my buildings and units then would go back in. Can someone explain this teleport comment? I thought it looked like some units had a weird movement but didn’t see it clearly.