Sentinels need to cost 1 pop

sentinels is by far the most beautiful heavy infantry and with an incredible design within the game, but it has nothing in this world that justifies its high population cost.
they should cost one population or even nerf their base stats to enable this change.
malta has a serious problem of lack of population in the late game, where almost all its units cost 2 population and malta doesn’t have a strong enough economy to sustain a vill delete liki germnay. In addition to the existence of heavy infantries within the game that have functions similar to sentinels such as: Sepoy and Janissary who can build infrastructure and even towers (in the case of sepoy).
There are also musket infantry with absurd status and feature that cost 1 pop. and they are trainable.
For example: Akan Ankobia (aoe damg), Maigadi (insane status and mult agains mercs), Royal Musketeer (france, insane charge atak), Carolean ( renged resist), Ashigaru ( strong stats + aura buff form daimyo and pavilion) and Nizam Fusilier ( stance modes ).
If there is all this within the game, why do sentinels cost so much population?
they don’t come close to mexican Soldados.
They are already a costly unit in terms of resources and build towers (like spoys) and forts (like
ressuians rekruits), there is no reason why they cost 2 population.
In the late game, Malta has great difficulty dealing with some pushes due to the lack of population that generates situations that are at least strange, such as, for example, the difficulty of dealing with 15 hussars and a mass of infantry, or together with mortars to force you leave camp…
the lack of population is so great that there is not even room left to train culvs, any mass of infantry + 15 or 10 hussars deals with fire throwers and ur fornt line.
And if you opt for the Commandery build, you will use “cassadores” + lancers, and simply not using unique units, which is a huge waste and plays like any other European civ.


This must have already been the fifth or sixth post about this unit, the Sentinel, and the most inefficient unit by population in the game.


How about this:

British Tongue now gives access to Order Redcoats instead of Longbowmen.


Nah the solutions not sidestepping the civs unique stuff for bandaid solution. Not to mention it already gives 9longbow its amazing shipment as is (even if not always needed)

Make the age4 card make them 1 pop. They really good till age4 anyways. That way they scale but arent op early on. Easy enough fix imho


I agree with OP. This would be awesome.

I think the design is to discourage significant use and to move the player towards using the archaic units instead. Similar to Soldados: they’re really good, but the Mexican forces should be their guerrillas with only some backbone from the regular army as support.


that makes it pretty clear that the unit is extremely bad in treaty. the unit only works as a battlefield settler.

I always thought that the whole point of the Sentinel was to be a strong defensive unit (you can see it in its design - being buffed by friendly buildings, the Depot buffing Gunpowder attacks, their ability to build Outposts, etc), while all the other units were for more agressive use. Then you’d arrive at the late gameand started using them more agressively after sending all of their cards.


No, They’re meant to be 2 pop keep them like that, they gain late game value with late game cards
I dp think however that wall guns should be buffed, that would mean a lot in 40min treaty games where you’re concerned.

Malta is the ultimate turtle civ.

Or you can use X-bow/pike they get a shared 30% extra with 3 cards as well as 2% extra hp with regeneration for every card you send making them quite cost effective.


I purpose that: give them the Wall bonus to Outposts too. Make them worth 2 pop when near buildings. Make them help to build depots (only near Grand Master if you want). Malta is designed to attack with buildings: Outposts, Forts, Walls and Fixed Guns

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Yep, that seems fair. 2 pop for your heavy Infantry needs to be worth it in their particular niche, which for Malta is defensive musketeers.

the problem is that everything in malta already costs 2 pop and large masses of army massacre you if you don’t get good camping.
A mass of infantry, whether heavy or light + hussars, as well as sentinels and flame throwers.
if you go for artillery a large mass of cavalry can be handled if your only resource to protect that artillery is pikemans.
guys already have the hospital knights and the flames trhowers costing 2 pop, not because you have ALL your special units costing 2 pop.
reduce the sentinel stats a little and make it 1pop is the best way, it is a very cool unit, it has a unique design and unfortunately it is poorly used because of that

Good point. Now, we should reduce the stats and strengthen the niche.

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So what? for defending mobile rtillery against cavalry pikemen are better anyway!. And Malta has among the best pikemen

Sentinels are fine they do their job well (use fixed guns instead of falconets) and you have pikemen and Hospitallers if you need pop efficiency.

I agree with this change and have posted numbers supporting it in the past. Change the age4 sentinels rockets card to be a pop reduction card with no increase in stats or cost.


I agree sentinels are too bad for treaty, and come not even close to the soldado, they need to be 1 pop or a huge damage buff

I think the latter. They should really reinforce the whole defensive schtick of the Maltese by having not necessarily huge damage, but certainly a big HP/Resist buff near buildings (include Outpost). They can be as mediorce as you want outside that buff area - I just want them to be the best ‘defensive’ muskets.


That would be a fantastic unique bonus and feature for the Sentinels, enough to justify their 2 pop. A resistance bonus near defensive buildings. It combines with their wonderful armour (appearance).
A lategame card?


Do you have numbers in mind? Maybe activate +3% ranged resistance and +2% siege resistance for each building near?

I agree that an especially good defensive bonus near buildings (by default) would be a suitable Buff for Sentinels (For example they can gain +25% HP & ranged resist).

The “Wall Guns” card can give Sentinels a nice damage buff near buildings (Not just walls).

I have 3 other ideas that could improve its defensive capabilities, and maybe adjust its pop cost:

-Sentinels can build hospitals by default. (The “De Redin Towers” (III) card basically turns outposts into production buildings, and Sentinels can build outposts, but it’s not the same thing)
-The “Wall Guns” card also allows Sentinels to build walls.
-The “Flintlock Rockets” card (IV) or the “Sovereign Order of Malta” card (III) also reduces the Sentinels’ pop to 1.5

Also consider that if British Tongue is changed to now allow Order Redcoats to be trained instead of Longbowmen, Redcoats can be used for offense and Sentinels for defense.

any opinion about it?

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