Sentinels need to cost 1 pop

concordo com você ou apenas 15%dano e vida

I’m not saying nerf it to the point where the turtle isn’t viable. Overall the civ has a low winrate from what I’ve heard.

The nerfs to the turtle coming in the next patch might be enough, but they probably need some buffs to the other parts of the civ

Malta has an overall win rate of 47% iirc which is the second lowest, only portugal is worse.
After the next patch is released there should be no more nerfs, I can understand the change to the hp bonus on the fixed gun though I think it should have been 1% like other artillery rather than removing it, arbalesters also got a 5% nerf on their royal guard tech albeit at cheaper cost. The flamethrowers card got buffed so it now gives you an artillery foundry as well which might make early game fire throwers more viable. I do feel that the nerf to depots was over the top as the blast radius was fine they’re easy to dodge and just the cost increase was really needed.
I guess we’ll see how they do on the new patch, either way the nerfs aren’t so much that the civ is ruined but they need to stop nerfing and see how they can buff them to get their win rate up.

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