Separate fishing boats and villagers in the UI

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Sorry I am lost 11, what do you mean?

In the food/gold villager counter, I think fishing ships should be counted as a separate entity to prevent confusion. I might have 10 people on hunt and 10 boats on fish but it will say 20 people on food. This is bad because I like precise measurements for how many villagers need to be on each resource, and fishing boats have a completely different gather rate than villagers. And after you get raided, and are putting your villagers back to work it can get a bit confusing.

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I’m not sure this is necessary. If you have 10 villagers on hunts and 10 villagers on a mill, they will also have completely different gather rates. Perhaps a more detailed breakdown could be displayed upon hovering over the gatherer count, but still that seems like a low-priority feature to me.


Ah ha you’re right I forgot about that… Well the problem still exists that on water maps villager numbers/build orders will be messed up because you’d have to individually count your fishing ships to compare them to the villagers and returning vills to work after a raid can get confusing. It is a low priority fix but I still think a separate little area in the UI for the fishing ships would be nice.

Hmm maybe it would be nice to have an option to turn off ‘extended’ resource UI in the options menu. It would break down income by sources:
GOLD vill icon +xx whaling vessels +xx *factory icon +xx"

You could even break down vills by plantations and gold mines, but that might be too much. Or would it be?

For me it’s important to separate the counters by the gatherer, as opposed to the source. For example, my total gold production by plantation vs gold production by mine doesn’t matter as much as knowing how many ships are on a whale as opposed to a mine.

Ah! Okay now I get it thanks :sparkles:

Our team thinks it is ok in the way it is right now. To display the information according to the source of the resource or the type of the unit could be maybe too much information, we prefer to keep it simple.

Thank you anyway for your suggestion :heart:


That is true. I never had a need to have resource income divided by a specific source, it would be mostly interesting and useful for hardcore and curious nerds.
Fishing boats might be the only exception, because, unlike for example german settler wagon, fishing boats are a completely different class of unit and there might be small objective value in knowing that ‘18 of 25 food gatherers are villager’.

Without it, unless I’m missing some tooltip (I might!) there is no quick way to determine that for somebody that is not keeping in mind that number - and in bigger and longer games it might get hard to quickly tell the number. But it’s still not a huge issue, in most cases it is rather easy to say how many fishing boats there are, especially with extra zoom feature enabled, even on a ‘large map’. I don’t want to make Civilization of of AoE :stuck_out_tongue: