Separate TG rank queue and the elo from Duo and Solo

Ranked game suppose is a fair and balance matches.

Honestly, right now the ecology of TG is really really bad.

You always able to see those duo team having 70% win rate, either they have a very genius stragegy,
or mostly, they outplayed the other teams by the discord communication, or more even I observe, by using 1 to 2 smurf accounts.

I dont care the waiting for the queue now, people can either doing ALF F4 to quit the game.
What I care is a fair and balance game.
I dont mind waiting over 15 to 20 mins to have one balanced team game, it’s much better for me to spend a 20 mins to play a “very highly” lost game.

This advice is actually concerning “Fairness”, unlike the other online games, especially this game is really time consuming for a match.


1 year released, and q year asking for a differnt MMR for premades.

ALL THE OTHER MULTIPLAYER games have some way to handle the premades.

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It is one of the many issues with TG elo at the moment which are also discussed in the following thread:

I support a different Elo for premades. I dont think you really need a seperate queue.

  1. Duo team always picks up the favor map, for those specific map, the specific stragegy is really having advantage for them, and it always turn out they got what map they want to play.
    You can always see them playing Arena, Black forest, Yucatan

  2. Duo team has more ban options? Please explain, they already getting advantage as a team together with discord. If you are talking about 4 players having 4 banning options, this is absolutely â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– . 1 party ban 1 map, this is simple.

  3. Duo team can have a smurf account to lower their opponent’s elo.

Well, again, I dont think the admin will fix this unfair situation. If lobby has enough opened game, I wouldnt even consider playing this TG â– â– â– â– .


My logic is very simple.
for those who duo 4 players in every game, they get over 75% playing favour map.
While a solo player, even lower than 25% of playing the favour map.

sounds fair to you guys?

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make some friends, go duo team and practice some maps. you can do it!

No? You dont “pick” maps in ranked, rather you tell the system what your prefered map is and unless everyone (not just a majority!) agrees on that map, its rnd.

Wrong. A premade team gets the same amount of ban options as the sum of two-four solo players. Your suggestions would actually be the one that isn’t fair - why should random teammates get up to 4 times as many mapbans as premades?

You can have a smurf account as well. Costs you 20 bucks, but if you want, go for it. Smurf accounts would be a completly different topic, but it really does not have anything to do with premade teamgames.

The only real problem i see with premade teamgames is that there is no separate ELO for it. If i play with my buddies and voicechat, we will ofc be a lot stronger than if we play with random. So we win. Now my teamgame elo is higher, and the next time i play rnd again, i probably lose a few points again.

did you see my reply?

“My logic is very simple.
for those who duo 4 players in every game, they get over 75% playing favour map.
While a solo player, even lower than 25% of playing the favour map.”

does it sounds fair to you?

I play Duo sometimes, but I do like more of being solo in rank.
If you have played long enough you could notice how unfair it is for solo player to play their preferred map game.

Also, it costs you nothing to having a smurf account, clearly you dont know how bad it is.

I did see it, but it just doesn’t make sense. You just make up numbers…i can do that too: “Premades only have a winrate of 43% vs rnd, so its clearly not an advantage”. See? Easy.

To be a bit more serious, i think you have the idea that one player is choosen at rnd to decide the mappick. But this is just not how it works, and it still wouldn’t explain the 75% number. Picking maps is done at rnd unless both teams agree on a map - but in this case, its not an advantage, since both teams wanted it, right?

As i said, smurfing have nothing to do with premade vs rnd team. You can smurf in rnd if you want to, go ahead. If you want to complain about smurfing, open a thread. But dont pretend that this somehow has to do with premade vs rnd, it just doesn’t.

I bet you never saw some duo team with smurf on this.

This happens to a lot in solo rank and Duo rank.
you can say this is another issue, but for my experience of hundreds of game, I saw this a lot.

True, my rank is high enough to be matched vs their mains.

everytime I saw a duo team, I checked their matches record and I found the previous records are mostly the same map for them.

and in theory, if 4 solo players vs 4 duo team player, defintely the more opporutinity for the map favour into duo team one?
Yeah, you can say my number is not scientific proven, it’s base on my impression.
But I cannot see how you can dispute my view here at all, it’s just pointless.

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I can and i do dispute your views because you just dont make sense. You bring up stuff like “map favour”. What do you even MEAN by this? Do you understand that the maps are picked at random in aoe2?

That’s not how it works. Randoms don’t know what their mates have banned, so they may double vote for the same maps, and they may also make contradictory choices (3 guys favorite Arabia, last guy bans it). On the contrary, premades can mutually agree to ban all water maps, or all clown maps, and basically only have a subset of maps to learn, whereas a random will still have to prepare for every type of map.

I agree the percentages don’t make sense but it is obvious to me that premades get more ban options and have more chance to get their favorite map, and it is indeed unfair.


I do agree that there are problems with letting play premade groups vs rnd on the same rating. I actually wrote earlier:

My point is just that OP lists a lot of…really bad reasons as to why it is imbalanced.

I expected the a thread about the following issue:

I think that thread show some bigger issues with TGs. Some of the points mentioned in this thread are also mentioned in that thread. Like the of having a different rating for each player for duo team vs solo queue. It would result in more fair match up. That would even out point 1. They might play on their favor map, but their duo rating is most likely higher then there solo rating, so if the face solo queue players, they have a higher solo queue rating, which will even out their benefit of being a team.

Not sure why a solo queuer cant make a smurf account to lower their opponents elo? So not sure why that is a benefit of duo teams.

thanks for explaining to that guy, that guy doenst even rationally think what I was talking about.
keep saying I am pointless but in fact what he said is having no evidence at all.

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