Separate TG rank queue and the elo from Duo and Solo

Game 7: Lose
map: Carter
my team: 4 solo players (+44)
opponent: 4 premade (-44)
Summary: this show you how one-sided it is, the fastest one sided game of today.
They chose specific map, with specific stragegy, solo flank players are nearly impossible to handle if they are in similar elo.

7 games and I still not getting my favoured Arabia map?

I still remember I raised a post about how unfair of premade team on ban and favours map, some people here telling me it’s absoultely fair.
People like enjoying having advantages on others.

Game 8: Win
map: Arena
my team: 4 solo players (-56)
opponent: 4 solo players (+56)
Summary: faired game

I got 8 games and I am done today.

Here’s the Summary:

my favoured map Arabia = 0%
Win rate in total = 50% (4/8)
all my teammates are solo VS duo / premade team, win rate = 0% (0/4)
all my teammates are solo VS opponents are solo too, win rate = 100% (3/3)
I was solo but in the premade team VS premade team, win rate = 100% (1/1)

I am quite suprised the result going that extreme and proving what I said.
You might say the stat is not large enought, and yes, it is not enough, but this happens mostly for my Team games in solo queue. and I bet every solo players if you are in similar elo, you should feel the same.

Game9: Lost
Map: Arabia
my team: 2 solo + 2 premade (+60)
opponents: premade (-60)
Summary: 8P using a smurf account, another side can’t hold it and we lost the game.


How do you know p6 is a smurf? I cant draw that conclusion based on his aoe2 profile. To me it just looks like a normal profile. Als Slam isnt a bad player on that side either…

Your teams wasnt 4 solo as well. P1 and P3 are premade. You have to mention that as well in your post.

yup, sorry, I just noticed that 1P 3P are premade, just amended.
and the smurf is 8P, I typed it wrongly.

yes, Slam is pretty decent player, I think I could won our side by keep 2v1 him. 4P seems kind of a lower standard in the game so most of the game he’s 1v2 us.

Game10: Lost
Map: Arena
my team: 4 solo (+72)
opponents: 4 solo (-72)
Summary: bit suprised checking the elo result as we have elo advantages but the game is pretty one sided. I am the only player in the team who killed the opponent.

10 Games Summary:

my favoured map Arabia = 10%
Win rate in total = 40% (4/10)
all my teammates are solo VS duo / premade team, win rate = 0% (0/4)
all my teammates are solo VS opponents are solo too, win rate = 75% (3/4)
I was solo but in the premade team VS premade team, win rate = 50% (1/2)

Game11: Lost (This one wont be counted as someone is afk)

6P afk, no punishment for AFK in TG is a mistake, though it’'s not happened a lot.


Game12: Win
Map: Hideout
my team: 4 solo (+18)
opponents: 4 solo (-18)
Summary: the most even game so far, played around an hour, or it’s the map issue, it played just like Oasis. I would like to give a comment to my pocket in this game, unless you are confident to your flank, otherwise free booming in hideout is letting the flanks die. I am quite suprised many 25, 26+ are still doing this action. and indeed, their imp time is slow, I think a standard imp time for a 25+ should be at least @28min if doing free booming.
I am kind of lucky that 2P 4P are not doing full attack to me.

Dude, write a blog or something 11.

You got to play against slam, nice!

Other than that, looks like regular variation and not all premades are necessarily on voice comms. I do play with a friend or two regularly, but its not different of playing with randoms online, because everyone knows what to play as pocket or flank and there isnt that much variation… A few X here and there is all you need and I communicate as much with them as with randoms.

We are about the same Elo, let me know if you want to team up some day.

Game13: Lost
Map: Arabia
my team: 2 solo + 2 Duo (+7)
opponents: 4 premade (-7)
Summary: nothing special, another side died too quickly. I was having 1v2 since 25mins.


11, I thought maybe I need some “proves” in a bit statistic way supporting my points about solo and premade, especially when I raise it at the start, people here telling me I am just bullshiting without any reasons, but I dont see their points are reasoning as well.

I know what you are trying to say, there are lots of different type of premade, some of them are causal, some dont use discord, some have specific stragegy, some have specific map.
But Generally, what I am trying to show in this thread, is listing out it’s not a fair matching just teaming with solo and premade.

Though I am always doing solo, I am open for team up as well. You can pm me if you accept my bad english.

Game14: Win
Map: Arabia
my team: 4 solo (+19)
opponents: 4 premade (-19)
Summary: seems cannot have any easy win today, this game was actually we 4v3 as 8P is kind of new, a real new player, but 2P is fatdragon. so things not going easy here. If this premade team not including 8P, there’s no chance to win.


Game13: Win
Map: Black Froest
my team: 2 solo + 2 Duo (-75)
opponents: 2 solo + 2 Duo (+75)
Summary: I am the flank vs duo, though I had a good fight in dark age, it’s just really hard to defend the special stragegy in such maps. (There could be many kind of different stragegy in this map), the hardest one probably the indian castle break out the forest.
2P resigned in the middle that’s why we wont it. Otherwise, I just broke by stragegy.

Gam14: : Lost
Map: golden pit
my team: 4 solo (+14)
opponents: 4 premade (-14)
Summary: that’s the issue of solo vs premade, 3P is even 1700 in solo ranking, however, he’s doing almost full boom and letting me 1v2. while the others are having heavy army and strategy causing the lost game.

Game15: Lost
Map: Nomad
my team: 4 solo (-159)
opponents: 4 solo(+159)
Summary: 8 solo players and they matched up a game with 159 elo difference. This game end before 30mins, pretty one sided.

Game16: Win
Map: Nomad
my team: 4 solo (+33)
opponents: 4 solo (-33)
Summary: no comment

Game17: Lost (24 mins game)
Map: gold pit
my team: 4 solo (-305)
opponents: 1 solo + 3 permade (+305)
Summary: Very classic example of how ridiculous this TG matching is.

Game18: Lost

2P AFK, uncounted.
again, this is the only online game I know that there’s no punishment for afk players

Game19: Lost

I have been waiting over 40mins for this game, other ALT F4 about 4 to 5 times, I dont like BF, arena at all, but I never to ALT F4. It’s really funny that players here are okay with this while saying that seperate solo and duo will increase the queue time.

and after the long queuing time, 8P just resign at around 2 or 3min, I think I am not the 1st time seeing him doing this.
report is just meaningless and TBH, it feels like this game is no longer playable to me.

after 10mins queuing time, I see this 8P again
1st time ALT F4 in this row

another around 10 mins, it’s him again…omg

And see? he can keep doing this game quitting in ranked, with no punishment.

game20: Lost
Map: hideout
my team: 2 solo + 2duo
opponents: 4 solo
Summary: my civ is countered by 8p, my pocket 29mins reach imp but till in 35 mins he’s not making any army…he chose to did the upgrade before making knights first, this is kind of surprising me as he’s similar elo with me.
The other side duo team they won it. But my side just died too fast.

This is captured @35mins, it happens a lot in solo ranked game.

I just found out I had 2 more games actually. supposed to do a summary at 20 games.
and I think I couldnt do the TG games anymore, it’s really kind of torture to me to accept this unfair environment. and due to the voice against me in my previous posts, I think I will leave the TG games and the community as well.

I am just surprised that I thought the age group of AOE2 should be bit more mature than the other games. However, the people here seems not able to do any reasoning at all.
I still remember someone here told me that smurf is absoultely okay and it happens to every other games too. This kind of thoughts just disgust me.
Yes, and I just realize that, those mature people are generally knowing how to take advantages with a fancy or “some sounds like reasonable words”.

Below might not have a large stat enough, but it does show what I had of my previous experience, I believe every solo players should agree the result is kind of similar, maybe not that extreme, or maybe more into extreme.

22 Games Summary:
my favoured map Arabia = 13% (3/22)
Win rate in total = 36% (8/22)
all my teammates are solo VS duo / premade team, win rate = 14% (1/7)
all my teammates are solo VS opponents are solo too, win rate = 71% (5/7)
I was solo but in the premade team VS premade team, win rate = 50% (2/4)
I was solo but in the premade team vs solo, win rate = 0% (0/1)
Lost due to someone quit the game / afk = 13% (3/22)
Win due to someone quit the game / afk = 0% (0/22)

1. Solo player is hard to get their favored map.
there are around 30% of my games are purely 8 solo players, therefore, only 30% of the games are purely fair for map picking. because when premade team is counted, their vote times the team members. They have agreement of the favoured map, solo players doesnt.
2. solo vs solo is the only fair environment for a competitive game.
I have already said too much on this. and I hate people keep deny that from their mouth but knows it’s true in the heart.
3. They need to fix the elo matching, having a 300 ± difference among a 8 solo players pool is totally unacceptable.
4. Smurf. That’s simple to describe, it’s disgusting
5. afk or quitters. No punishment, great!
6. ALT F4. Today, I have 2 games waiting for over 30mins because of this.

And one more, my win rate of these 22 games is only 36%, I do play bad in some of the games, but I do think I do not deserving this kind of bad win rate as I value myself kind of played good usually. Especially everyone solo players in TG goes for pocket and almost 90% of my games I am the one who do the flank position.

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You bring up a lot of good points. I agree with everything you’ve said. Very similar experience with matchmaking. Im 2500elo and it feels impossible at times to progress past this when playing solo. It’s just such an easy ride though when I play with my 2800 Elo friends though. Maybe when peoples Elos balance out more will help. It would be nice to have a solo entry TG playlist. These days Im moving to more 1v1s as I can just get more of a better experience at them than 4v4. Altho I admit sometimes I’m just tired after 1v1s and mindlessly play 4v4 to chill out more at the end of my sessions. TG experience is extremely flawed compared to 1v1 currently. Which kinda surprises me as top tier team game experience should be the better way to keep newer players investing time and money in this great game. If you want to play we could team up if you speak English? My account name is edmondrussell96 on Steam if you want to add. (Picture is a longbow)

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hey man, yeah, I am open to team up, however, my oral english isnt very good, and in fact, my written english has lots of grammer mistakes too. so I think you wouldnt want to team with me : )

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I am no grammar nazi. What country are you from my only issue is if I can’t understand your accent

We could just play without discord anyway it’s still better than playing with a complete random 11