Sepoy Description Provides Erroneous Information

This is an exceptionally minor issue, but one I noticed today while playing the Indians.

The quick description for the Sepoy unit reads “Powerful Indian heavy infantry that has a slight bonus versus cavalry at range and a large bonus versus cavalry at melee”.

I’m pretty sure Sepoys’ original ranged bonus against cavalry was even removed at some point (or was removed before TAD was released) with a patch in legacy, because I can’t ever remember Sepoys having a ranged bonus against cavalry back in the good ol’ days of legacy AoE3.

The more detailed description also talks about the Sepoy having less range than other musketeers, which I believe was also patched out or removed before release as they seem to have 12 range like any other Musketeer?

Again, super minor issue, but I especially think that the quick unit descriptions should be accurate in the Definitive Edition.


Yes true! when Ashi almost killed skirms! Zamburaqs and chinese mortar were OP!