Sept 8 Patch Release

There’s a new patch for AOE2:

PS: It’s not in the Releases area of the forum and I’m not able to post there, so decided to post it here.

Is just a hotfix for 3 issues (One of those was reported by be at some point though)

no dotd balancce change yet?

I am not able to view/download this update on Microsoft store, where was this released and how can we download it?

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It doesn’t appear to be available yet for Windows Store. See the bug report at Patch Not Available in Windows Store - #2 by SavvyEmpire

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Almost month since DotD was released. Devs are probably really happy that they menage to release civilizations that aren’t op like 2019 Cumans with their Steppe Lancers or Burgundians with +44 damage Coustillier or even First Crusade for Sicilians who needed nerf asap.

I’ve had screen stutter issues since the hotfix, have also made a separate post