September-October Screenshot Contest!

Monster Trucks Racing in a Desert


La Ilusión


The Ferryman


You really like that building eh :smiley:

I like the idea and also Cerberus is cute but the picture doesn’t feel threatening but i think we can’t do much with the editor we have now :frowning:

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yea i might re-do it, it doesnt capture the threatening vibe, youre right

I have a few suggestion, you can try them and see:

There is an petal effect on the editor, you can try to use them as fire rain perhaps, just a warning, if you want to delete them, it is almost impossible as they don’t leave any trail on ground when they are placed, so make a copy of your scene and then modify on the copy version mantaining the original:

Here Troteck used it on this pic, second one looks like fire:

Also some of the weird aztec statues from this pic

This cliff looks full of trapped souls ( also ships wrecked gives dark sensations):

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I tried to make one following this format:


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: that’s an amazing screen shot. We have the winner!

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I hope this one doesn’t win. :laughing:

what am i looking at here lol

How can you not understand that super clean image? :rofl:

I tried to do Charon theme with my suggestion in mind, following that pic direction, mind if i post it?

(I see dead people) taunt 21
Also i see a ship, someone behind bars, and some smoke from fire? (or is that a big mountain xD)

lol. Basically there is the shoreline with edwardson, a river full of corpse, the ferryman that is coming towards the dying man in his boat. The shoreline looks like a cemetry because for each soul, a wooden crux appears when they are transported. There are corpses on the river with no meaning than that not everybody was carried on the other side. There are cliffs with the lights that show the way to the underworld. They are gigantic cliffs that so no one can climb. The cliff also look like they are made of trapped souls. On the left and right side, there are boats that tried to go through that foggy passage but weren’t able to and basically got impacted to the cliff and sunk. Charon is carrying a lantern to pass through that thick fog. The entrance is not very visible but the three headed Cerberus is guarding it.

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why dont you just make a screenshot

I’m so interested in this scenario make x)

How do you screenshot without the UI?

These are created in scenario editors and you can use the cinematic trigger to remove UI, if you want to screen the game without UI, you have to modify some starting config files.


tbh I dont use the cinematic editor. I just make a scene in scenario editor, pitch the camera how i want, toggle off my minimap, move my mouse up to the top where the toolbar is, take a screenshot of my screen, and then use paint to crop out the toolbar + cursor.


I want a capture where swans or ducks appear.