September-October Screenshot Contest!

Hey folks, I think the last screenshot contest went great. Here was last months thread!

And here’s the thread with the finalists!

Now it’s time for another contest! We’ve seen some really innovative uses of the scenario editor and I’m excited to see more! That said, last time it was a ton of work to make a poll with all the best images. So this time, we are just going to go by Likes here in the thread to determine the winners. Or maybe I will make a new thread and post all the images as single posts to be upvoted, so the images posted earlier on in the month don’t have an unfair advantage.

Some tips for making great screenshots that I learned during last month’s competition:

-Go into camera editor and click free cam. Now you can zoom in or out as far as you want, and adjust the pitch of the camera with the cntrl + arrow keys, to get those super close-up shots!

-To add sky to your images, either use skybox 1 or skybox, OR, use the much better sky backgrounds that you can get by searching for Misc Props in embellishment, and then right-clicking through the objects until you get either a bright light sky, or a dark night sky dome.

We’ve also got some rules worked out now:

  1. Give every submission a title
  2. One submission per post
  3. Crop or remove the UI, submissions with a visible UI will be disqualified.
  4. No memes

Posts that don’t follow these rules will be disqualified. If you make a good enough image, Aussie Drongo might use it as a thumbnail in his videos, as he’s been doing, apparently!

Happy screenshotting!


Sahel Raiders


Nice, i will be posting my soon… Maybe.

“Posts that don’t follow these rules will be disqualified.”

Meh not like there is a prize to be won so who cares.

well do whatever you want. It’s just that last round there were some pretty crap screenshots of in-game play, that I am hoping to discourage this time. it’s an art contest, not a place to show off that one of your teammates wrote “gg ez nub” with wall segments ingame. but yea, I’m not going to police anything


Ethiopian army Preparing to ride across the ford

EDIT - ( sorry I didn’t see that you weren’t supposed to leave the UI visible until I posted, I don’t know how to remove it so I guess this one doesn’t count for anything)


Works like a charm, thx! :grin:

Can’t believe there wasn’t an in-game tutorial for this, also funny how this was a real thing before ludicrous zoom hahahah.

(This is not my contest submission, just showing beginners how the camera can move with free camera activated)


I had a very “Superfluous” setting were Spanish were fighting Mapuche in one of the Spanish forts, buuuuuut, the whole deal had a lot of stuff going on so the image could look confusing no matter how pretty it looks when zoomed out.

SO, keeping it simple here with one part of the entire setting. :slight_smile:

:arrow_forward: ENTRY: God give me strength, so I can take REVENGE.

Fun challenge :grin:


Cool Guys only show their back to the fire :smiley:

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beautiful! feel free to submit more entries!

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The Posse Has Finally Caught Us


Wake Up Caine! (Kung Fu)


Oh well… :grin:

I meant to recreate (suspense pause) THIS!


:arrow_forward: ENTRY: Machu Picchu

  • Morning variant:

  • Afternoon variant:

  • Night variant:

Couldn’t make the mountains in the back look more foggy/unfocused, if u guys have a tip leave it below :grin:


love the night variant!


thats great! one thing you could experiment with is making the map size larger, so the mountains appear farther away i guess.

also I think a really distinctive thing about Machu Pichu is the way that the mountains in the mid-ground (the high peaks) look like the profile of a man’s face, with a big nose. Maybe trying to make that stand out more would really capture the Machu Pichu vibe. But its amazing overall!


You could add mountains behind the mountain so looks like it is a mountain range, instead of just a hill.

Also last pic:

Nona: How long do we have to stay here, is the camera man done or wtf is he doing?

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Sad there are no proper inca villager model.


well, its just a native villager model, its a twc civ.

Aztecs have a unique villager models. How does it make sense for Inca villagers to share with North American civs?

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A tip for screenshots: if possible use a legacy version for close-in shots, as there’s an issue with the shader in the newest version which can cause some significant lighting problems (see Visible triangular meshes - #5 by matthew99a).