Serbian Revolution design suggestion

Basically something I came up with in an afternoon, cause I was bored. Maybe it would make for a fun update down the line.


  • defensive revolution, sacrificing part of one’e economy in favour of unit trickles, however an option to revert exists once the initial threat passes.


  • Ottomans - obviously, since this revolt represents the Serbian Revolution, which started in 1804.

  • Russians - an option, since the Russian Empire had several noteworthy settlements by Serbian emigres, namely New Serbia and Slavenoserbia. However it may end up broken with instant free unit trickles.

  • Germans - to represent the Austrian military frontier, and the many Serbs that lived in it. If Austria ever becomes a civ, give it to them


  • enables Hajduk from the Barracks and Saloon, fixes their pop cost to 1 and gives 2 range to them

Hajduks were extremely important in context of resistance, and many prominent leaders of the Revolution were former Hajduks, such as Hajduk Veljko Petrović

  • disables the Vil trickle, Revolutionaries aren’t trainable, trickles Hajduks from Town Centres instead. Yoruk get reskinned to Vils which can be trained, limit is 60

This feeds into the core feature of this revolt

  • gives a big button, like Militia in Warcraft 3, that has Vils run to the nearest Town Centre/military building/outpost to become the default Revolutionaries instead. Temporary, can be pressed again during combat time to revert them back to Vils

Serbian revolutionary military was based around quickly mustering a militia for short battles, afterwards they would go back to their professions

  • gets extra XP from combat

Extremely important, for the Revolt heavily relies on its cards

  • turns explorer into Vojvoda

Unique unit for the revolt


  • Vojvoda - provides a damage aura to nearby infantry, comparable to the Infantry Leader in WOL.


First a series of shipments. shipping a batch of a unit, Town Centres trickle it one at a time, affected by train time upgrades, the respective unit is buffed by 10% from the baseline

  • Reinforcements from the Frontier - ships a batch of Pandours, TCs trickle Pandours

Many people from the Austrian Military frontier moved to Serbia to help in the struggle. This shipment pays homage to said fact, and provides a solid unit trickle.

  • Morbaš affair - ships a batch of Crabati, TCs trickle Crabati

This one requires some explaining, but to sum it up, it was a planned conspiracy to assassinate the Serbian leadership, which would then be taken over by a pro-French group that had ties to Marshal Marmont, who was in charge of the Illyrian provinces, a proto-Yugoslavia under French control encompassing Dalmatia, Istria and Slovenia. Had it succeeded, it’s likely that Serbia would have joined said provinces, that were a hub for hardened soldiers. Makes sense?

  • Brothers reunited - ships a batch of Grenadiers, TCs trickle Grenadiers

Russian contribution to the Serbian revolution cannot be understated, especially as the Ottoman Empire declared war on the Russian Empire, which meant Serbia and Russia fought together. Eyewitness accounts speak of a “meeting of two long lost brothers”, as the two armies met for the first time.

As for normal shipments

  • Bullet-proof vest - Heroes get 30% ranged resistance, all units get 5% ranged resistance

Many leaders at the time across the Balkans wore a unique vest which was said to be bulletproof.

  • Hajdučija - Hajduks and Revolutionaries trickle gold while fighting and can stealth

Hajduks, aka renegades that resisted Ottoman rule and often plundered Ottoman wagons, hold legendary status in Serbian tradition. The card would provide an additional economic boost alongside possibility of sneak attacks on enemy eco, reminiscent of the Hajduks of old.

  • Ičko’s peace - reverts back to the base civ with normal functioning, but keeps the efficient Hajduk. disables revolt.

In 1807, a draft was made of a peace treaty that gave Serbia autonomy within the Ottoman Empire, however Serbia refused it, confident in being able to push for independence. The card would allow for the player to revert back to the normal civ while keeping the solid Hajduks, Ottomans in particular can appreciate this option.

  • Gusari(costs 1000g) - Heavy Cav gets 50% damage and 0.5 speed, basically half an imperial upgrade and an extra.

Did you know that the first Hussars came from Medieval Serbia? From there, they became mercenaries to Hungary, Poland and further, making the cavalry famous.

  • Dositej’s ministry - Gives a 7.5XP/s trickle, reduces shipment time by 30%

Dositej Obradović was an Orthodox priest that became minister of education in Revolutionary Serbia, and is famous in Serbia to this day. The card will help get the shipments rolling more efficiently.

  • Battle of Čegar - enables Heroes to build Weapon Depots, same as those that Malta has.

The battle, which occured in 1809, ended with Stevan Sinđelić, the leader of the Serbian troops in the area, firing a bullet into a gunpowder cache, killing all remaining Serbian defenders and many Ottoman troops. As revenge, the Ottomans built a morbid monument, the Skull tower(Ćele kula). Content warning, if you want to check it out.

  • Infinite Boyar - typical native xp dump, they will be guard level + 10%

  • infinite 500/500/500 - same idea

That about sums it up. I’m curious about your opinions, both from a gameplay and a balance perspective!


I love the idea of having a unit trickle but this will quickly get over powered after you send all your HC cards…

So, units that are created through the TC trickle should act similar to Militiaman (Minuteman) which slowly loose there health the long they live for. Maybe have it so that they only loose 50% of there health rather than 99.5% like normal Militiamen. This will encourage these units to be used instantly to stop players from hoarding them in their base. Maybe in the late game a HC card/technology can be sent to allow the healing of the half health tricked units - like the United State’s “Conscription” HC card.

Alternately, the TC could act like a Japanese Dojo, where only one type of unit can be trickled at any one time. Therefore balancing out the rate of unit production.

Ps. love the attention to historical events though in this post :+1:

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I think your ideas for a Serbian revolution are interesting, but I have a question, and it is the reason why you left Grenzers out of your design, as it seems to me that the historical Grenzers were mainly Serbian and it would be more representative that the Serbian revolution has Grenzers rather than the Hungarian revolution.


You can approach the HP loss question in two ways.

  1. make the trickle faster but with hp loss
  2. make the trickle slower, more in line with a barrack, but no HP loss
    Personally im in the 2. camp cause it avoids mishaps if Pandours or Crabati are trainable already, plus alleviates economy issues, but I can see 1. as a means of doubling down on the defense aspects

The Dojo idea could work, but shipments will become weaker in that case if not adapted. Personally I wanna keep with the Ottoman theme of trickling free units to replace training.

P.S. thanks for the P.S. :smiley:

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I gave myself a challenge to make a civ within the current 3DE roster, other than a unique Hero. So I used Pandours, that already exist and compliment the Serbian roster well, being anti-skirmisher skirmishers. If we get a proper Grenzer unit that isn’t a Revolutionary reskin(note that they’re already reserved in my roster idea), then I would gladly adapt this roster.

P.S. Grenzers are a later version of the Pandours, so it still works :slight_smile:

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