Serious bug


es wäre besser, wenn du deine posts auf englisch machst und nicht auf einer anderen sprache.

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宿舍斯In Chinese mainland, the 2 decision version of Empire age in Windows store has a lot of problems. All the campaigns are in English, and steam is indeed Chinese. An update a year ago caused this problem. It has not been repaired. After the update, it will become English voice. Hope to repair it quickly.

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This doesn’t look anything major. I expected something more seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, this should be fixed, but this doesn’t sound like a game breaking bug with the highest priority.

I don’t know about that. I am not sure I completely understand what zhao1717 is saying, but it appears the voice in campaigns is in the wrong language? There are many single player players, so that seems like something to address quickly.

In fact, it’s very serious. The windows store in China is full of one-star evaluation. It’s a very video game experience. Before, it was Chinese voice, but later it was even worse.

It seems that there are many problems in machine translation English, and the communication is not very clear. Simply put, there is no original Chinese voice package in the windows store, which is a very video game experience.