Serious performance issues

Version 28218

Menu is extremely unresponsive, takes several seconds after a click for it to do something. The LAN option is grayed out with no explanation. In game it works with no performance hiccups. I had none of these issues on the UWP game.

Edit: I’ve noticed it works as normal when I’m not connected to a network.

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The game runs much better when it comes to fps when i play on the old platform compared to the new one, is this just me?


Same problem here mate , I hope they can fix it

Hey devs is there any chance ur gonna fix performance please ?

Hello guys, i’m having some fps drops issues. I have a medium computer (8gb ram, 940m nvidia video card, 2.2 ghz i5 processor) , and i cant have more then 15~20 fps while in game. Its really rare i stay in 30 fps or more.

Why that happening? I played a lot of games here, BF1, some assassins creed, AoE3, Starcraft 2 and others, all of them without lag.

I am not running the game in battery saver mode, I am playing in performance mode, and even with all app closed this problem is occurring.

I’m running the new Windows Store built (that works crossplataform with Steam).

My computer fulfills all the requirements to run the game, but these problems are still not allowing me to play properly.

someone can help me solve this issue ?
(sorry for my bad english)

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good ol’ 940m. check if the game is using you nvidia gpu. some games start using the integrated gpu - may be your case.
you can right click the game and select some option that looks like “execute with graphic processor… > nvidia high performance something”
to check if the game is running in the right gpu, look at your toolbar. there’s a small nvidia icon there, saying which apps are using it at the moment.

hello bro, thanks for try to help.

i’m using the nvidia gpu and the lag continues.

I downloaded the old microsoft store version, now i have 30 fps +.
I guess the problem is the new version.

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I noticed the same behavior with the new cross play build just playing a custom random map game against AI and I also noticed extreme rising temperatures close to TJ max value which could lead to crash of game to desktop or halt of system.

They have released a new build to address certain problems. Let’s hope this issue has been addressed too.

I’ll wait a while before downloading this new version again.

I had the same problem with the LAN option grayed out, i hope they can fix it but i had to disable my vEthernet (default Switch) adapter that i use for Hyperv, and now is working.

Yea. Network code improved but somehow its less optimized Seens like the new build is bad optimized. It causes pc lag in situations that previous version didnt.


There’s a huge performance issue with late game battles. When we have 250ish units fighting the game bogs down and we get slides per minute instead of frames per second. This happens to everyone in the game at the same time and consistently when engaging large armies against each other. It doesn’t matter where the screens for the players are either, you can be looking at a black corner of the map and it still freezes on you. This was not an issue in the old client…

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