*Serious Problem with Lakota Siege Damage - Needs Patch*

Specially when Ruyters only cost 1 pop, while Oprichniks cost 2. So if the Russian player had 30 Oprs, he could easily have 40-60 Ruyters.


Someone has to show us how this is a problem for the game, because as of now, this topic is just another I lost against X, so X must be OP

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You don’t know what you’re talking dude. Lakota needs a buff or a rework…


Lakota is super strong, Wakinas and Rifle Riders are literally just better than Skirms and Dragoons, Axe Riders crush Hussars and buildings like it is paper, and they barely need to collect Wood, so they zoom through Age Ups.

Usually when I get to Fortress, as Lakota, I already have the resources to go Industrial, plus change.

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In Supremacy you can get away with basically everything… Play Treaty40 if you want a better view of Lakota

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Games are always balanced around 1v1.
And no, Supremacy is way stricter with what you can do, than Treaty is.
In Treaty you can Boom freely, and people give up when they lose their Factories. In Supremacy you do not even get Factories, most of the time. Your deck can either hold all-in aggro, do all-in aggro, or lose.

improving their units base siege damage and giving them access to siege weapons while removing siege ceremony is a good path forward for this civ. siege ceremony is very frustrating to play against when combined with Lakota mobility.

What are you on about? Wakina are paper thin, worse than any other decent skirmisher. Rifle Riders are only good against heavy infantry, and they need something to tank. Otherwise even handcav will melt them before RR can kill them.
Axe Riders and Bow riders are the superior units compared to euro units. And also Tokala soldiers, but you can’t train them.

Wakina have low base health because the Lakota player is expected to be able to micro them to build teepees nearby, which can easily boost a Wakina’s health to over double that of the normal skirmisher. With a card, the teepees can boost a Wakina’s damage and health to be above that of most musketeers. If they weren’t paper thin, they’d be OP as f*ck.

If you’re not microing teepees with your infantry as Lakota, you’re playing badly.


If there is a proper fight going on late game in a 3v3 then there is not much you can do if 20 Tokala Soldiers, the chief and other cav (Siege Dance) attack from the side and kill all your vills and factories. They should just limit how many you can have. They kill a TC in one hit. I don’t see how this is fun.

The Lakota have the weakest defense in the game. There’s not even a competition on this, they literally can’t build walls until age 4.
The only civ with a worse economy than the Lakota are the Hauds.
The Lakota are only good at one thing - Early raiding and rushing, but because their units are strong in the early game and because they lack the economy to properly challenge any other civ in the mid-late game, their units are proportionally strong to compensate - the idea is they only need a few because they’re extremely expensive and train slowly.
If you’re letting the Lakota, a civ with a poor economy and poor defense, survive and thrive well enough into the mid and late game that they can continue to match you, you are going to lose in a straight up fight. They have the strongest and most versatile cavalry in the game, bar none, because of their economic and technological shortcomings.

TLDR you’re bad if you’re letting the Lakota survive without a fight to that point in the game.

yeah the weakest defense, only tepees & a gg big tokala soldier big button, which means you cannot really go on the offensive without risking to loose all (Even after cleaning up 80% of lakota army). Lakota has one of the strongest defense, since tepees mean you can never fight under tepees. They lack mortar & Culv type units to survive in the ultra late game, where they really cant take down defense well enough.

In the best way possible, I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

For teepees, theres this really cool thing called artillery not sure if you’ve heard of it

And for Takola, it’s important that you know how many takola they will get at the time you go in, also worth noting that if the Lakota player is saving for takola big button, you will outnumber them in the meantime, Lakota aren’t an eco civ like japan or Dutch so they don’t spit out resources left and right, it’s pretty hard to get the food for the takola big button unless the Lakota player is already far ahead from doing lots of damage early on. The big button costs almost as much food as it does to age to industrial, just 500 food less.

Takola and axe riders are really only OP in team where in the late game they can tear buildings down extremely fast, in 1v1 Lakota are pretty average, and I can’t really comment on treaty since I don’t play it


Indeed teepees are fine and can be counter with arty. I think they need to nerf the takola cav siege or maybe speed.
It doesn’t seem good that they can tear through walls and out run your goons and then kill all your eco.
Maybe they should not get the speed buff from the explorer Or not get the buff from the siege dance.

How about no? Lakota doesn’t have artillery. Maybe try to meta counter them, since this is a one trick pony for them.

Didn’t they add captured mortars?

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Don’t they have mortars now?

In imperial age yes.

Ah fair, that is a bit late to get them. I don’t see why they can’t just give them battering rams instead of some jankey overpowered siege dance.