Server issues and preferences

This is not a bug, but a problematic programmed match making pairing algorithm that it should be discussed and fixed once and for all, i have reported it since aoe2 de release but nothing has been done and it gives a tremendous advantage in favor of one region, north america region vs south america region always chooses south Brazilian server even if there is only one south american player in the match.

here is the evidence:

6 players from north america (yeah mexico belongs to north america region, not central and never ever to south america) and only 2 players from south america and it chooses always the brazilian server.

For usa and canada is the same it always chooses Brazilian server

The problem is this:
The ping within that server fluctuates btw 200 and 250 depending on the hour and load which is too high, south american players have 50-60 ping to that server, they even have a 120 ping with the US servers, but the match making algorithm forces to play in the brazilian server.

This issue also happens to halo infinite so if you happen to work for microsoft can you please let them aware of such disadvantage in the MP and instead of choosing the server geographically it should use the best server for all depending on the latency among the players.

I don’t really need to explain how bad is to play at +200 ping while the enemy is at 50 ping…and this doesn’t need to be a FPS game to notice the input lag, we use more commands and demanding actions (micro at macro) than any shooter so it really matters and makes the difference.