🛠 Server Maintenance - Tuesday, July 7 - AoE II: DE, AoE: DE

Good to hear your response!

Luckily they do maintainance. No maintainance is pretty bad.

Probably have to wait longer. Look back at the history. Mostly first maintainance and a week or even more later the patch. Never at the same moment.



Oh ok… it"s part of 1-2 hours maintenance or it’s an incident and will be resolve as soon as possible ?


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why not do the maintenance on a time where most players are not playing? (not a peak time) for europe

They wanted to work around some tournament with some people in it. So the serfs have to suffer!

It’s not a peak time in US… and i guess that US is prior ^^

Don’t know if it’s possible to separate US and EUR, but i agree with you, a lot of maintenance are in peak time for EUR ^^


Just wondering … will this maintenance fix that lobby bug we all love and experience ?

Most players are in Europe though. It is peak time for the game. Regardless of location.

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The devs already answered the question: why at peak hours:

Why need this old Remake Game Bug fixe’s? I often have problems to connect to the multiplayer.I am angry about that this game have no LAN Multiplayer(I know it give a way but no.). PLS Fix it.Bad idea Prime Time server’s offline!

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To be honest, this isn’t an answer…


During UK/EU prime time!? seriously?

It has. In the lobby you can select LAN as server.

At least they read the complaints about the current time and they will take it in consideration for next maintainances. You cant really get more info.

I would have pickes another moment too…

So i go to bed without my war tonight ^^

See you tomorrow guys !

you mean in the multiplayer lobby? (i cant connect cause the servers down)

That seems bad design. Are the devs doing maintainance at your LAN?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pls tell me wehre i find the option Lan. And do you mean this with bad design?