🛠 Server Maintenance - Tuesday, July 7 - AoE II: DE, AoE: DE

WHAT: Server Maintenance (Matchmaking Servers)
WHEN: 2020-07-07T20:00:00Z



  • Regular server updates and maintenance.


This coming Tuesday, July 7th, the platform team will be taking the multiplayer servers down for regular maintenance. This will unfortunately disrupt any matches in progress and prevent the creation during the down time, so we recommend wrapping up any matches at least 10 minutes before the maintenance window.

:warning: During this time, you will be able to launch the game, but will not be able to matchmake or access any online features.

The downtime is expected to last anywhere from 1 and 2 hours. We will update this thread with any changes to the schedule as they arise, as well as the all-clear when the maintenance is complete.

Thank you for your patience!


One thing i still dont understand: Why also at prime time? Look at the steam charts. When maintaince start, it is prime time. The number of players is the highest at that moment. Cant we have another moment for this maintainance?


Shouldn’t there be announcement for this on other platforms and social media? haven’t seen anything on steam or twitter.


es por eso que no puedo usar el multijugador me dice esto: lo sentimos no has podido conectarte a los servidores multijugador vuelve a intentarlo mas tarde

es esto el problema ¡¡ ?

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Thank you for this! In this instance, we are working around the tournament schedule of different groups as well as the availability of the server team. In the future, we will definitely be working with everyone involved to schedule a block of time that disrupts as few players as possible.

We waited until today to announce on Steam and other platforms to ensure it wasn’t forgotten over the weekend. Announcements should be available now! :slight_smile:

(You all get the super early and exclusive news!)


Are the servers down right now? I cannot seem to connect to the services

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They should not be down, no. You may try the basic network steps to reset your connection; otherwise—depending on where you are in the world—internet demands (due to the pandemic) may cause intermittent connectivity issues with the server. If you continue to experience issues, please start a new thread in the respective bug forum so we can help you dig into the problem!

Down for me too, time out immediately

July patch is getting closer…

I cannot connect to multiplayer services, this is happening for me many times now!

Will be the patch be released also on the 7th (for AoE 1 DE)?


Me pasa lo mismo, pudiste conectarte al final?

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Can’t play in multiplayer at this moment. Just bought the game and can’t play online.

You should “definitely” :yum: get in touch with Service Fabric team at Microsoft to achieve zero downtime updates for the servers. Since it is the foundation of many large scale services on Azure, this must be a valid option to consider. Maybe it’s already hosted on Service Fabric?

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Down for me here in London before the time it was meant to be?

Here in India too ! Just came back from work thinking the outage was at 1:30 am IST. It’s just 20:51pm man. Can’t create a party for multiplayer game ! :frowning:

I’m in Russia, servers are offline.


A reminder that maintenance begins in just less than one hour! Be sure to wrap up your games before the servers are taken down. Thank you for your understanding!

is this the july update that was teased with the new ladder system or do we wait longer for that?