Servers are Horrible

Playing Solo Ranked is not worth it anymore. I win a hardcore game, gain my 20 LP, and the next one I lose them because the servers decide to disconnect both of us and removed 30LP out of our ELO. It says unable to find a match while we both are in the match. This is going for a year now… if you can’t fix the servers at least don’t take away an ELO when you see that we disconnected due to this bug. PLEASE. I lost like 20 games like this.


it’s not only in solo!!
I spent the last hour trying to add a friend to my group and it keeps showing : cant enter match!
and when he’s in the group after a couple of tries. we can’t enter any game.
can’t even enter or create a custom game!!
vpn doesn’t help!
this has been going for almost 2 weeks!