Servers can't handle AI?

well i searched and looks like this is a old thing on Aoe2 DE, too many AI lags on AE Servers!

I tested on the single player, 7 AI’s, no matter the moment of the game, even imperial the game is super fluid!

on servers, right at the feudal the game starts to get unbelievably lagged, with a delay of almost 5 seconds for each action!

on the LAN servers I tested with my friends, no problem the lag is minimal.

in the mode that I play the most with my friends, 4v4 only at the end of the game there is some lag, but depending on the “Giant or Lud” map the lag increases considerably.

Specs: R5 3500X + GTX1050 + 8GBRAM
My friends have similar specs, apparently the “problem” is the servers.

  • Build: 101.101.42848.0
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: wellfoxs
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yep, the problem is with the server. when single player offline mode or in LAN, performance is set by player’s or host’s computer performance.

when hosting through a server however thats a different story and seems like server doesnt give enough performance per room/lobby hosted. lags extremely hard with 200-300 pop with just 6 players or more.

@GMEvangelos perhaps this can be looked at by the devs, late game usually full of units if all players are alive which means more processing power needed. I’d dare say a chunk of late game performance issue is likely caused by insufficient performance on server end, ontop of the recent late game lag issue.

again the same game in single player or hosted via LAN has no problem, only when host multiplayer through server (ie USwest, east, uk etc)

3 human vs 3 AI today on Fortress, when we were 100 pop each game went ~5 fps (steam showed 45 fps, but game felt as 5 fps)
very very baf performance

@bgolymp can u tell us which server you were on with your friends? also their computer spec if possible and a screenshot too.

@wellfoxs looks like after hotfix it is quite a bit better now, can you test it again?