Setting problem

The game does not save the settings that I modify, every time I start the game I have to configure everything again. Twice I have installed the game, and there are no positive results.


Hi @Edsato82, Which settings are you modifying which are not being saved from one session to another?

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I leave the size of the UI at maximum, as I am short-sighted, but every time I enter the game, it returns to the default size.


Have the same bug.

21:9 AR user here, need to have the UI bigger than usual to have no pixely too small mess as an UI.
I have to reconfigure it every time I start the game.

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The UI Scale reverts to 100% after closing the game.

All the other game settings are kept but the UI scale always reverts to 100%. Please fix so those of us who use a customized UI scaling don’t have to redo it every single time we launch AoE1 DE?

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With the latest Store cross play version these settings are saved at:
%USERPROFILE%\Games\Age of Empires DE\Config\settings.ini

I just changed the in-game UI scale through options in main menu and in a custom game and the value has correctly been saved into that file after exit of AOE DE.
Ingame Panel Scale = 1.269335

So in my case there does not seem to be a problem storing these settings.

Edit: But indeed after launching AOE DE again the value is reset to:
Ingame Panel Scale = 1.000000

So there is a bug indeed. Now I will test by tweaking the value in the settings.ini manually.

Edit: Result is the same, still resets back.

Hey, wait a minute. There also a settings.ini file saved below the player’s profile folder.
%USERPROFILE%\Games\Age of Empires DE\Users\USERID\Config

It also contains Ingame Panel Scale =1.250000 in my case.

Let’s try it again by changing that value now to the max (1.496269) from using the slider (up to 150). Also I noticed that all values here are appended to the equal sign without additional spacing (trimming).

Well. It didn’t change it for the custom game below single player, but the value that was set to 1.496269 in the last settings.ini is still there. Let’s see what happens on the next online MP game I play.

At least it’s bugged and needs to be fixed accordingly. Settings are there to be saved and possibly restored too. Also I would suggest a reset button in the options menu for all basic settings. And it would be very nice too if you could see the percentage that is being set while using that slider.


Could you please also check a similar issue with campaigns and scenarios?
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a scenario.
  2. Create a campaign and add the created scenario.
  3. Delete the campaign.
  4. Delete the scenario.
  5. Close the game.
  6. Start the game. The deleted scenario and campaign are downloaded again.

Also after loading saved game (campaign) from previous version the game crashes.

Why don’t they show the saved game version number in that saved game list and also the date. That quality of life improvement would also be very welcome.

Yes, It’s really annoying
Every time I have to set the size of my UI

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Wow. Is incredible that tiny things like this can’t be solved and WE WERE ASKING CIVS AND EXPANSIONS xD.
In my case I want to get the zoom to the farthest, and also in new game or restart is reverted but the huge zoom by default.


I have the same issue. Does not matter if you set it during the match or before it, it always reset back to 100% UI size when you restart the game. The other settings work fine.

Does anyone know if any of the bugs posted in this forum will be fixed or at least acknowledged at some point? Looks like there are a lot of known issues, and I haven’t seen any update for the game whatsoever recently. Just curious. Well, I suppose the team has been busy with AoE II DE, but this one should be easy to fix, and is really annoying…


Everything remains the same.

The UI-scaling-problem seems to be fixed in the current version 34483 :heavy_check_mark:

Thank you very much, Age of Empires development team! :slightly_smiling_face: