Seventh challenge in Africa Challenge

In the seventh challenge, your supposed to gain 1500 credits, wood or coin, by selling herdables in a skirmish. HOW do you sell the herdables? I have tried selling food in the market, no luck, I have tried to sell wood, no luck. I mean I get coin but nothing as far as the being credited to the 1500.
And where are the Global UI icons? I’ve tried clicking the ones on the top of the screen while holding down the CTRL key, but to no avail. I’m stuck. Assistance please?

you need to have cows around the food market, then over time and as they are fatten they gain value for when you sell them off.

But how do I sell them? I have like twelve water Buffalo there now

you click these buttons.

And build a second market nearby, because most likely along with the game you will find/rescue from treasures or have shipped goats or other animals that might take space around the first market.