Several Advices which can make AOE 4 Better

I think developers need to add color change at least for skirmish and custom games. People need to have a chance to select their colors. Apart from that Ai needs to be developed. When you order to your army to destroy a building, they act like stupid. For instance, a bot is trying to rebuild the teammates landmarks. When I send my army to that place, they dont focus on the builders instead they try to destroy the building again. Ai needs to develop. Also ai plays the early game very well however, they start to play very bad after a while. For example, after the feudal age, they don’t age up for a long while. They aged up to imperial at mins 45. Another thing is, developers need to add selection to options about blood effects. If the players want blood effect, they may open the blood option and play with blood effects Lastly maybe they can change the designs of the mines mills and lumber camps for each civilizations like the other buildings.

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