Several AoE3 bugs that may have carried over


I have played AoE3 since 2006. I was that kid in middle school. Towards that end, I encountered several bugs in my years of play that I hope are addressed with the definitive edition release. I will periodically reply to this thread as I encounter/remember them.

I have not tested this bug, but it is possible that it still exists:

  1. If a player is playing as India, sends Mughal architecture, and has a British teammate who sends “TEAM Houses Built Faster,” the Indian player can spawn houses immediately without actually building them. That is to say, the Indian player can select a villager, place the foundation for the house, and it will just exist without the villager actually having to walk over to the foundation.

(Edit: Added screenshots here of the bugs I describe below.

^(mines are spawning too close together on this rendering of the “Dakota” map.

^This upgrade does not apply to Ronin trainable at the Saloon after the player sends the appropriate card.

^Relates to cheaper mercenaries card not working, see below.

^These upgrades do not apply to Ronin.

^The Swedish advanced hot air balloon does not have a voice-over.

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Tested this one, and it is still a bug in the game as of last night:

  1. If a player has a villager gathering wood, and holds shift while setting foundations for walls, the villager will continue chopping wood indefinitely without leaving the tree to build the wall. This bug does not seem to occur when a villager is gathering any other resource.

EDIT: This seems to occur to whichever buildings a player places, not just walls.

  1. It seems that mercenary upgrades still do not apply to Ronin when the player sends the card which allows them to train Ronin from the saloon.
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  1. The cheaper mercenaries card is broken. It does not change the change the coin nor population cost of mercenaries (this occurred when playing as Sweden this morning… unsure if other civilizations are impacted by this bug).
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  1. When a player has multiple idle villagers in a group, holding shift and pressing the “zzz Settler” banner in the upper left does not select more than one villager. In the 2007 version, holding shift and pressing the idle villager banner would select all of the idle villagers nearby as well.

(Sorry that I’m adding to this thread constantly. I maxed out the number of threads I am allowed to make because I am a new member).

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NEW Bug:
6. When holding shift + pressing a hotkey to train a unit, only one unit is queued instead of five.

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i’d also like to add following bugg, wich also occured in age 3 (2007):
if a ship (dont know if it applies to cannons) fires on a wooded area, some trees loose all their HP and you cant gather from them anymore. If you hover over them, you’ll see not the regular, but some sort of ‘native american’ arrow cursor.

UPDATE: The cheaper mercenaries card does not work for any mercs. Tested with Swedes and Germans.

You have to map the “multiple” hotkeys separately, just like in original game.

i dont think that card is supposed to make mercenaries cheaper, only the cards that contain mercenaries.

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That makes sense. In which case, they should change the tooltip.

A long time has passed @Jborgzz but some bugs in this thread are still relevant :slight_smile:. We’re now tracking the lack of Swedish VO on Balloons and a misleading description on the “Mercenary Loyalty” card.