Several bugs found

Age of Empires III :arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION
BUILD #: 5760799 (I guess the current one?).
OS: Windows 10


  • Crashed on 4v4 vs AI. I was Spanish, map was islands (p/team + another one with trade route). Allied to Swedes, Dutch & Inca; Enemy to Britons, Chinese, + other 2. I revolted to Colombia: nothing else in particular that I could identify.


  • If I send a settler to collect food from sheep, unfattened animals will be dragged too instead of remaining in the livestock pen.
  • When selecting “Random Maps” or “All Maps” I’m always dragged to the same location. Not sure if randomization is working fine, but I had it on Treaty Mode (not sure if that’s relevant).
  • Some units are voiceless.


  • Agra Fort (Indians) improvements not available anymore.
  • Minor to medium lag issues in 4v4 vs AI.