Several bugs of the Holy Roman Empire seriously affect the balance of the game

The Holy Roman Empire has two bugs.

Seriously affect the balance of the game, the first is the Fourth Era of the Holy Roman Empire: the economic landmark (schwaben Palace) as an enhanced version of the town center is built alone and has no emergency repair ability, and the buildings in the same range have no emergency repair ability.

The second bug is the third era of the Holy Roman Empire: religious landmarks (regnitz Cathedral) and the Fourth Era: defensive landmarks (elzbach Palace) are different from other landmarks. Even within the scope of influence, these two era landmarks will show that they are not within the scope of influence, so they have no emergency repair ability.

Finally, I don’t know whether the introduction of the game text has not been modified, or for other reasons, the construction of large arrow tower alone has no impact, and the buildings within the scope can obtain emergency repair ability.

I hope to fix these bugs, because the Holy Roman Empire is a weak country in the game. There are too many functional bugs now.

There is a bug in this game and its called the English Bowman/Ram rush against any civ without early armored units. Its game breaking.


it’s absolutely insane how EVERYONE is playing this. Wastes everyone’s time when 13 minutes in you see a mass of archers every single game

Its a face roll strategy Helen Keller could pull off and as a result is popular.

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Well with the English it’s a good way to get ahead of your opponent early. I definately don’t feel like wasting my time when doing an archer rush, in fact I’m very much enjoying it :slight_smile:

Which is why everyone plays the English now, and does the same build, over and over.

English is nearly an auto alt F4. Soon no one will be wasting any of your time and you will be stuck playing English v English. Riveting.