Shadow changes to Saloons

Did something happen and the USA’s Coin Trickle from Saloons just up and vanish? I played a quick single player skirmish last night and I put up 3 Advanced Saloons, but the trickle indicator on the UI did not exist. It’s not in any recent patch notes that I can recall, either.

I’m not sure. When I tested Advanced Saloons with USA all the saloons seemed to have the trickle.

That is just odd. Is it just me? I’m playing on Porting Kit, but that’s the first time this has happened to me.

I think the change was supposed to be empire wars only but for some reason it was also addes to plain supremacy. So they likely removed it this patch.

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No, it was bad written in the patch notes.

It was inspired for Empire Wars but consciously implemented for all game modes.


Hi @wphah0729 !

We could not repro your issue, could you provide to us a video or a recorded game?


no video, but I do have this screenshot. Playing Skirmish, with all DLCs installed. United States. At this point in the game I had only sent Advanced Arsenal, and no other cards. One Saloon. Exploration Age.

Just in case can you try this?

  1. In steam, in AOE3 game, Properties → Local Files → Verify Integrity of game files
  2. Reinstall the game

Let me know if it works!

It works, now. Thank you.