Shadow nerf african civs?

I didn’t see it in the log.
But I notice that the cow is now only worth around 110 wood when u assigned them to market at the start till your 10th vil.
in the past, it’s around 200 when you train your 10th vil. I didn’t see this change in the log.
And I don’t think nerfing hausa is reasonable anyway.

It’s a bug. From the patch notes: “We are aware of an unintended issue affecting the Livestock Market’s starting exchange rates.”

ok thanks.

The nerf on the heavy cav is unnecessary tho.

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Yes it is, they already overnerfed the civs by lowering so much the coin rate at the market, removing 3v from hausa etc. I imagine they continue due to it’s win rate which we don’t have access to it. Players at lower level probably are not good vs the african civs.

No info as to when we can expct a hotfix? Doesn’t seem to be a super complicated issue to fix and currently the african civs are unplayable competitively.

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