Shamshir horse for persians

since age of kings u added so much elephant civs.
the persians uu became not special and has no rider.
gurjaras have 3 uu now so persians can have 2 no? if no delete war elephant?

u can give persians a horse arabic style with shamshir please?
or sassanid archer?



The die has been cast. Indians today, Persians tomorrow.

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tell that to indians and all else changed post HD


Indians are not a classical civilization …

But the Mongols do. : D

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The Persians already have paladin and the most complete stable, it would be better to replace mahouts with a cavalry UT.

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so what can be both. having complete stable never stopped them from having elephant

Well Mahouts is the weak link in the whole story as it’s quite a bad tech, so it makes the most sense to replace them and not the UU.

Would love to see a tweak to the war ele so it’s usable in more matches. as it stands, aside from douching Persians imo are one of the most boring civs.

Nothing special until super late game except for trash bows. And a UU/UT almost no one ever uses

Other civs might need some boosts for balance, but I think these guys need something to make them more exciting to play (like a more viable UU)


What is classical is no longer. We can talk about AOE2DE classical civs maybe. Things have moved on so much since 1999.

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No no no, the Persians used battle elephants even if just as a way to awe their enemies with how much power and wealth they had. Persians NEED elephants.

They can keep them. But replace their Paladin with the Savaran.

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Thats a broader argument about regional units which I am generally in favour of.

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they can have battle elephants as region unit like all indians but give them a personal uu

But the war elephant is the biggest and strongest of them all.

Yes to this since it already exists


The game was unironically too bland at release. 2-3 UUs, or UU and UB must be standard. Not counting regional units, which should also be more common.


yes. why treat civs bad just cause they are old

That sounds good! And maybe increase war elephants base speed.

Which old civ has been treated badly, in your eyes.

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each with 1 uu. while new civs get region units and 3 uus