Share your "unique" way of gaining favors if there are new civilizations in AoMII or Retold

Let’s see, for now put simply we have : villagers, fighting, passively gained via limited building for favors, passively gained via town centers, passively gained via economic building that can produce any ressource.

I think it’s one of the more unique thing to each civ, so it has to stay this way while being practicle enough and renewable. I don’t think the ones altering the map are viable (forest, rivers), so for now I’d say sacrificing (probably by garrisoning units and temples and have them slowly get killed over time for favor) or trading a ressource for favor are the good ones.

Other ideas I could think of… Maybe a trade system? Like a civ that can build shrines who produce prophets, and make trips to temples, carrying favor instead of gold?

Training certain units gives favor is already used?

Age of Empires 33 is a huge precedent to how you could come up with new ways to gain favor, since it’s built in the same engine.

You could simply earn favor from gathering resources, like export from Asian civilizations in AoE3.

By trading in Livestock, like Africans in AoE3.

By trading in other resources through investments, like Italians in AoE3.

By assigning and/or attracting Animals to a building, like Japanese Shrines and Indian Sacred Fields in AoE3.

Yes, it also serves…

Those 3 are the same.
You gain favour by building the buildings that trickle favour.

That’s 3/5 civilisations.
Really not that interesting.
Also Norse can train Hersir that also just trickle Favour by simply existing (2x as much when fighting).

Not sure why it’s so hard to find interesting ways to gain favour.
Every civilisations having 1 completely unique way to grain it and they already have 3/5 civilisations do it basically the same way.
How is that going to work when they want to add more civilisations.

A lot of suggested ways are also hard to balance since they often depend on world generation.

Maybe some ways or generating favour should be shared by multiple or even all civilisations.
Like what if everyone for favour from relics for example. Or at Sacred Sites like AoE4.

That is true so just using a variation of a current mechanic also kinda counts as a new one.

No one just builds hersir to generate favor (the favor trickle is so slow that it’s not worth it in 99% of cases), fighting with any norse units is x10 more efficient and just grants a much bigger and faster favor incoming.

Chinese favor system is going to be reworked anyway, so I won’t consider that a concern.
Egyptians and greek’s methods of generating favor are still distinct and unique in their semplicity.
Atlantean are designed to be “concise” (no drop-off points, 1 manor that corresponds to 2 houses, 1 citizen = 2/3 vills etc.), so their method of gaining favor kinda fits.

Ahem, its nice to try to find new mechanics but, let’s be honest most cultures of the time had alike practices, for example:

Tribute to an altar, put things as “offerings” to the gods, food, money, items, etc

Animal sacrifice, to ask for blessing or what not.

Prayers, all civs had this with different rites.

These applies to most cultures, Greeks, Norse, Egyptians, Aztecs.

Now that said, Greek “pray” is the easiest and most effective one. Would be nice if all civs had more ways of gaining favor.

All to be able to trade resources for favor as “offerings” to a deity.

Able to “sacrifice” animals in temples.

Able to build statues of their deities, since most cultures had graphical representation of them (not only Egyptians).

Able to pray in temples.

Also as an idea, that we could choose major and minor gods more freely instead and each god to have it’s temple and it’s favor pool.

  1. Gain favor by increasing resource gathering rate, similar to the tea export of AoE3 Consulate. Players can set a percentage of resources exchanged for favor in a unique building.
  2. Gain favor by sacrificing units in temples or killing enemies, a concept similar to a combination of Greek and Norse. But sacrificing or killing will permanently increase the favor gathering rate. So exchanging units for favor makes more sense.
  3. Gain favor by controlling territory. Players must build special towers adjacent to each other to control territory. These towers not only increase favor gathering rate, but also provide population and buff nearby friendly units. This concept is similar to the Zerg’s Tumors/Creeps and the Protoss’s Pylons in StarCraft.

With “control territory” you mean that they you can’t build them close next to each other or they create less favour when build to close?

That is a more interesting concept then just building a lot of building in one spot.
But it’s also kinda similar to the Atlantian bonus of getting favour for Town Centres.

Gaining favour through meditation: Monks and heroes can meditate to gain favour. When monks or heroes meditate, they can not fight or move. They can not meditate when they are carrying relics.

Just like the tumor and creep in StarCraft. The further the creep extends (as a percentage of the map), the more favor it receives.