Share your "unique" way of gaining favors if there are new civilizations in AoMII or Retold

Some of these concepts may overlap with existing methods of the current civilizations but this is why you are here to share your own ideas. Good luck!

Greeks: Gain favor by prayers.

Egyptians: Gain favor by building monuments.

Norse: Gain favor by fighting and destroying things.

Atlanteans: Gain favor by spreading their civilization.

Chinese: Gain favor by building gardens.

Aztecs: Gain favor by sacrificing your own people and prisoners. (Probably a no brainer here).

Celtics: Gain favor by constructing buildings closer to nature (forests). Celt players have the ability to plant trees as well for favor and a natural shield from the enemy.

Mesopotamians: Gain favor by exploring more areas of the map. Less fog of war = more favors gained. Mesopotamian players can pump out an observer called baru or countless of them (also very inexpensive) and strategically place them all over the map. “It was believed that the gods expressed their will through “words” (amatu) and “commandments” (qibitu) which were not necessarily spoken, but were thought to manifest in the unfolding routine of events and things. There were countless ways to divine the future, such as observing oil dropped into a cup of water (lecanomancy) observing the entrails of sacrificial animals (extispicy), observation of the behavior of birds (augury) and observing celestial and meteorological phenomena (astrology) as well as through interpretation of dreams. Often interpretation of these phenomena required the need for two classes of priests: askers (sa’ilu) and observer (baru) , and also sometimes a lower class of ecstatic seer (mahhu) that was also associated with witchcraft.”

Maori: Gain favor by creating rivers and/or large bodies of water and/or beaches. Maori players can create large bodies of water and having their settlements be surrounded by it for defense as well.

Hindus: Gain favor by gathering wildlife animals into your city and letting them roam around.

Japanese: Gain favor by building torii gates. Generate more favor by constructing these gates at the entrances of your base. Note: you can create these anywhere even in water.

Slavs: Gain favor during night time. What do vampirs (vampires), vukodlaks (lycans), baba yagas, domovoys, etc… all have in common? They usually appear in the evening. Slav players are able to pump out these units during day time but their stats are buffed once the night time cycle sets in. Day and night time cycle and different weathers are a must. Eye-candy galore.

Persians: Gain favor by keeping the “Atar” or the holy fire alive. Fire temples were constructed for this purpose. Wood is then traded for favors.


Personally I think it would be better to streamline the way favor is collected. Obviously they won’t add an infinite amount of civs but they were already running out of different ways of generating favor by the time of The Titans.

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Strongly disagree, they weren’t running out of ideas by the time of the Titans, they just wanted to make a more “noob friendly” game, e.g. adding autoqueue and atlantean civ which didn’t require drop points or a particular way to collect favor etc.
There are still plenty of ideas to make favor unique and distinct for each civ.

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Sacrificing your own units wouldn’t work for Aztecs, they usually sacrificed enemies, not their own people

And I feel sacrificing your own units would be a waste of resources


I find this one to be horribly insulting to Eastern European cultures. :sweat_smile:

How is it insulting? Go into detail.

In the case of the aztec, i think it would be nice if they get favor by defeating enemies. It could use a system similar to the hades shades, for instance: with each kill, there’s a 20% probability that the defeated enemy will “serve” as a sacrifice.

I’m sure it was a joke. They even used a sweatdrop emoji.
I do think that would be hard to balance, and I don’t think OP’s idea for Maori would be viable.

Google tells me the Mesopotamians build monuments that would do the worshipping work for them. So i guess they would have a similar system as the egyptians.

Celts would have to sacrifice resources, animals, humans.

  1. It themes the entire mythology around “things that go bump in the night”, which is incredibly reductive and ignorant.
  2. It ignores actual religious practices that were used to worship these gods, such as sacred groves, fire being a channel for the divine, and the concept of seeking a glorious death.
  3. The logic is completely backwards, you might as well say “Christians gain favor at night because that’s when demons roam”.

Appropriate suggestions would be: Gain favor by designating a tree as sacred (“building” it like a TC over a settlement, except you’re building a special tree on top of a normal tree) and sacrificing other resources for favor at the tree; or to gain favor when losing units in battle (almost opposite of Norse).

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A game where creatures are a menace to the people of its mythology and yet are somehow allied to them, won’t harm them, which is contradictory to its lore. Just stop.

Yah no. Your suggestion sounds boring and offensive to others.

For Persians it will definitely be Zoroastrian Fire Temple
:fire: :fire: :fire:

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They sacrificed their own peaple as well, somes childrens was selected at birth to be sacrificed many years later. Being sacrificed was an honour.

The human sacrifice in meso-american culture was pretty insane.

Sacrificing your own units as a gameplay mechanic (that isn’t a petard-like unit lol) would still be a waste of resources imo.

I was not saying it should be a mechanic (it can’t happend because it would be too “offensive” for a game like aoe) but you can definitly do something like, an unit you can train for sacrifice, maybe you can put them in a special building increasing their “favor value” and then, sacrify them at the temple (it’s just a ressource trade like greek, but more exponential)

Ah ok

Thank you for clarifying

I think Hindus can gather Favor additionally by performing Sacrificial Rituals called “yajnas”. Yajnas will also provide buffs depending on the type of Yajna (There are several types of sacrifices in Hinduism). I have a civ concept for Hindus that uses this exact mechanic

What are they sacrificing specifically?

Anyone here played the Return of the Gods mod? Because that one already has an Aztec civ with the sacrificial ritual mechanics, capturing enemies in battle and whatnot.

Hmm well I guess it depends. I wouldn’t say that it is a waste of resources. Say if an enemy has a hoard of units coming your way. You can quickly sacrifice your farm villagers in order to pump out mythical units asap that specialize in countering those enemies.