Shared Exploration ROR

Could we be able to have shared exploration allowed on ROR Ranked TG in the next hotfix?
It takes too much time to go to Bronze, build a GC and only then research Writing. I’ve been playing with AOE1 DE players and they all are complaining about that.


need fix sooon ! no one want play with no shared

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this should be from the very beginning by default. team games are hardly fun now and people are slowly leaving multiplayer. Need urgent action in this!


This should be a standard option, how can devs screw this up? Nabs.

It seems like some lobbies have shared exploration, some others don’t. I join other players asking to fix shared explo as soon as possible and possibly even the other ranked lobby settings. I can understanding locking the possibility to change some settings for ranked, the same happens with AOE2DE so it’s fine, but at least make sure the locked settings work properly.
And by the way, you can randomize and reset settings anyway, so no real point in locking those checkboxes.
Moreover, if you randomize you sometimes get the shared exploration checkbox flagged.