Sheep Farming

I wonder if they’re thinking of adding a build to create sheep that “fattens” over time, like what they had in AOE3. This would be pretty cool specially for the English which already had a bonus on age 2, since this is the same time period…

Also, it would be fun to raid, kill vills and come the other way with sheeps (or even cows) :grin:

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The Mongols have pastures that generate sheep for food, according to their civilization description on this site. Based on the released footage showing a selected English villager, it doesn’t look like they have any unidentified building icon that could serve this function, unless their mill does. We know that their scout has to search for and collect sheep, though, so I suspect that the English are not able to produce or fatten sheep long term like the Mongols.

Still, fingers crossed for sheep stealing haha :joy:

I hadn’t read those yet :sweat_smile:

I still think the mechanic could work, if they limited the amount of sheep the english could “make” or make mongol sheep grow faster or have more food.

Also, english farms generate gold? Have i read that right?? why??

So, I double checked my source for that information, and it’s actually a little ambiguous because of how it’s written. The civilization description for the English says, as a direct quote, “The English have access to cheaper farms early on, generate gold to continue to feed your ever-expanding empire and army!” I interpreted this sentence as trying to say that the farms generate gold as well as food, but it’s possible that there’s just a significant typo here. Hard to say. However, they have tried to carry over a lot of ideas from other games in the series, and the Burgundians that were recently introduced to AOE2 have this ability, as well as a charge attack for their cavalry. Since we’ve already seen a similar charge attack featured in AOE4, it makes some sense to me that they would borrow the idea of gold-generating farms as well. It’s almost as if they used the DLC to test out some of these ideas for the new installment.

I get it. I’m not a huge fan of those in core mechanics and civs. I understand having them to freshen up a game, but i think the base game should be free of those, at least for the release.
Instead, allow to trade between your cities (with a penalty in the amount of gold vs trade with other player)… i think it makes more sense.

To clarify, i like a few of the new ideias, for instance, like i said on another post, the charge mechanic could be awesome for elephants to bring down palisade walls!!

I agree, trade amongst your own cities would be great. From the 1v1 footage we’ve seen, though, it seems somewhat unlikely. It looked like players only had a single base. Actually, come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a shot with more than one town center! Maybe that’s related to their decision to keep villager counts lower than previous installments? If you only had one town center, villager production would be way down.

Someone said they spotted trade units, though, so I’m still very curious how that mechanic works.

Overall, I’m super excited in spite of myself. I played the first two games with my brother when I was a kid, so there’s a lot of nostalgia in it for me. I’ve also wanted to have units on walls for almost as long, so it feels like the little kid version of me finally got his wish haha.