Sheep or information?

When my opponent is reaching feudal I like to look around his base with my scout in order to figure out what he is doing. The problem is that on my way to his base I often encounter 2-3 sheep. So I return to my base with the sheep and send the scout again. This means that when my scout finally arrives to his base it is too late to change my build fast enough to respond to what he is doing.

So it is worth it to sacrifice the extra sheep in order to get the information earlier or is having extra sheep large enough an advantage that it is ok to have less information?

First minute one circle around your TC to gather the “close sheeps” You then have the 3 initial + 3-4 more.

Then go straight to scout him. You arrive at minute 2,30 to 3 - by that time you can get some viable info already. get additional sheep, get the info you want, return to TC, come back for next info.

Unless you’re going to run out of sheep before your scout gets back, it’s not going to be worth dropping the sheep off first since you aren’t actually gaining anything.

Likewise, if you’re villagers are already collecting food from another source I don’t think it’s worth bringing the sheep back since the only thing you’re gaining there is the difference in gather rate between the two sources.

If you’re still relying on sheep and will run out it may be worth going back to keep your production up; intel is really valuable but if you can’t afford to take advantage of it them value is greatly reduced.

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