Sheep placement improvement on arena?

Hey, I was just playing an arena game … and this is where my sheep were placed. I restarted the game couple times as I am practicing fast castle but damn … these were hard to spot. I found accidentally. Could this be fixed in future releases? lol

Edit: Can you spot them? They are highlighted too… imagine finding them before…


That’s happened to me before. Bummer.

Perhaps claimed herdables should get the same foreground outline as villagers and military units?


What is the issue? I just spot them at first glance.

The classic outlines were thicker/more visible, also the shadows were outlined. In DE it’s significantly harder to see units and animals behind structures.

Just one of many examples where clarity went downhill.

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well ur a lot more observant than most people. Also these are already highlighted … .you would have a much harder time if they werenot

I can definitely relate to this.

Sometimes it took me quite a time to find the boars

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correct. This was never the issue. The issue is how difficult it is to spot lol