Shift + Arrow keys behaviour

I always like to move in the map by using the arrow keys instead of displacing the mouse, even from AOE 2, so the problem is when exploring with my Scout, I commonly press Shift + Right clik to state a path to be explored, but when I try to move the camera with the arrow keys while having the shift selected, instead of keeping moving, I see the game is selecting the UI similar like a Tab key, how can I avoid that behavior? that wasn’t the behavior in the beta, and I couldn’t find a setting to change it, do you have any suggestions? is this probably a bug?


Me too! Please fix this. I went into bindings to try to set a secondary pan as shift+[right/up/down/left] but you cannot edit the secondary keys…God this is so annoying.

EDIT: Yes, it was like this in the BETA btw.

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