Shift click behavior

Game Version:

  • Build (33059)
  • Platform Steam


the shift + right click , when you tell a scout to follow a target , the scout will always want to reach his initial destination first before following the new route.
this behaviour is not the same as in aoc . and i find my self having the stop the scout first before defining a new route . and this results in many clicks and many frustration especially in early game when scouting is essential .

i think this bug is due to the newly implemented feauture that makes shift cue commands ; that had the unfortunate effect on scouting .

Reproduction Steps:

  1. select the scout
  2. select a far destination to go to
  3. while he is in movement . hold shift and click some other destination or define a route
  4. you will see the first destination’s flag appear in the defined route and the scout will go to it first before starting the new defined route

It’s not a bug, it’s the new behavior.

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It’s how it works now. You can define a lot of points to reach and let the scout do his job exploring the entire map while you are doing your own things on your empire.

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You can disable this new behavior with “New waypoint behavior” checkbox under game options. But I suggest to use it, because it offers more possibilities than old system and IMO it is preferrable to have unit moving immediately towards first waypoint

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