Shift click idle vils issue

test as my other attempt to report an issue shows 404 unfound

Edited after simple post but have had issues posting before


When you shift click idle vils in the UI (circled in pic) it is only selecting 1 vil in the group rather than all idle vils at that 1 location.



Was going to post this issue myself but you already have. I find it very annoying that it doesn’t work as in the original, would be good to see it fixed in the main release next week!


This still hasn’t been fixed for the release…
Am I doing something wrong? I hope this isn’t the new normal as it is very annoying

Had an update today and this still isn’t fixed

I wasn’t aware of your post and ended up creating a duplicate. Missing this feature is a real pain when it was so intuitive and we were so used to it.

Would be good to get a dev responding here to at least say they have noted the problem, instead of being ignored. But i’m probably being naive!

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It is the weekend so hopefully they get to it next week

This still wasn’t fixed in the patch today. There were so many things completely irrelevant addressed in the game but not this simple and necessary part of the game to manage eco.

This wasn’t an issue in either of the betas. Why is it like this now? Is this how the game is now meant to be because it is a deal breaker for me and I will go back to standard AOE 3

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just had mz first game of aoe 3 de and without the ui feature from the original this is unplayable to me

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It is finally fixed. Thank you

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