Shift Click not Working after Update

It also deselects if you use an explorer ability. Devs please fix asap, the explorers and building for villagers is literally deselecting the units. The game is broken right now.


Agreed. The bug deselects a unit after certain actions.

Also, I wasn’t able to target a guardian with the Sharpshooter ability. My explorer would be deselected and wouldn’t proceed to fire the ability.

Everyone is experiencing this bug in every scenario.

This bug is very tiresome and I’m confused as to how it was missed. I feel this won’t now get fixed until after the weekend

i LOVE HOW A NEW PROBLEM SURFACES AFTER EACH PATCH… fix 1 thing than make 2 more problems…


Same issue. Turning off hotkey conflicts resolves it but then my hotkeys don’t work properly anymore.

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When is this patch expected ? It’s unplayable!


Turning off hotkey conflicts fixed the issue. Fortunate there’s a workaround; otherwise, the game is unplayable!

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I am having that problem with the shift clicking and it has made the game just umplayable!!
Also I am experiencing delay on the response of the units

i am not using legacy hostkey but the new ones, disabling Allow conflicts fixed the problem still.
I found another interesting bug thought after turning allow conclifts off that might be good to know for you.

When putting down walls it is now always as if i had shift clicked. so if i select a villager that is cutting a tree and tell in to build a wall, then it insted queues to build the wall as if i had shift clickend and the villager keeps wood cutting instead of building the wall. if i then click again on the wall with right click, then it will go build.

even weirder, if i selsect a group of villagers mining or wood cuting and i task all of them together to build a wall (without shift) then always exactly one villager will not go and build the wall and will keep mining/wood cutting/… and the rest will go building the wall. the one not going acts as if i had queued using shift. since building the wall pieces is separated beetwen the vills i end up with a holes in my wall.

Thanks for letting us know!! Good to see that you guys seem to be on top of the forums

Same problem and i can´t make walls in game, incredible… I can´t play with this issues…
Another peoblem is with screen…when u move the mouse the screen don´t move for a second…

With unclicking allow conflicts thats run ok some times but problem continue…

This is not runnning for me, same problem and another one more, i can´t make walls…Imposible to play with this issue…I disable the Allow Conflict but problem continue…

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Not a fix. It is a workaround.

I also cannot make walls at all, and I hate how it deselects a villager after building a house/building. Makes it hard to throw down multiple houses.

Hey @GMEvangelos,

I’m here to share that the ‘Allow Conflicts’ option also disables wall building as mentioned in these topics:

Any update on this issue yet? I have heavily customized my hot keys, so disallowing conflicts is not an option for me., thus making the game pretty much unplayable.

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I second that. I’m about at the breaking point. This is total garbage. The legacy game is miles better than what we have currently. I will be streaming that game going forward, or stop playing, until this game is patched and I can play a normal game with the capacity I’ve had for the previous 15 years. You are losing trust and player base quickly.


i dont have shift click problems. I dont know what u are talkikjg about, make a video

Well if you want to use you’re hotkeys, when using shift, your unit gets un-selected. Or you can play with your hotkeys not working properly with unchecking allow conflicts.