Shift Clicking on Age3

I am an Age2 player who started playing AOE3 and I am really picking the game up pretty fast. I am struggling with the shift click. I find that sometimes villagers are building something and if you click one villager and shift click them to a next task, they abandon building and go to the next task right away.

The only way it works is if I shift-click in immediate succession. Like Shift+click a building and immediately click on the resource they need to go to. in AOE2, I can select any villager on a task, and shift click them to any other task. This will make them go to the next task after they finish with this task.

Shift clicking with the scout outside the fog of war doesn’t show where you’ve shift clicked them. I don’t know if this is in the options and I have not selected it properly. But I couldn’t make this work with all the menu options available.

Help please!


This happens to me sometimes when the game appears to lag a few seconds or drop frames it doesn’t register that you’ve pressed shift.