Shift Queue for Villagers while building

If a villager is currently building, then you shift queue to build then go elsewhere, the villager will stop working for a moment.

  1. Tell villager to build a building
  2. Wait for villager to start building
  3. Shift + click to build then another task

Hey @RogueCascade987! I don’t think I’m seeing the same thing. There is a pause in the animations for Villagers that happens naturally, but the build time doesn’t slow. Perhaps that is what you are seeing.

Please let me know if I’m missing something. Thanks!

Made the recreation steps easier. Just continually tell a villager to build a building with right click.

Bassically spam clicking for the villager to build stop the villager from building… There seems to be minor delay after issuing a new command. Constantly issuing new commands a short time seems to cause the villager to idle as they receive constant new commands. This can be avoided by just giving the command once.