Shinobi are irrelevant and redundant

Shinobi is a special unit for japan that can be trained from the consulate or once you get Shogun Tokugawa through a shipment at age IV.

I’m sad to see that despite the concept of it being cool, the unit is irrelevant at most points of the game, specially at Age IV when you can reliably recruit them, since ashigaru make a better job than they do in general, even having more hp and attack. If we compare them with the other archer unit (yumi), it gets even worse, since yumi actually have multipliers; Shinobi have none.

I thus propose to:

  • Up their range resist from 20% to 30%
  • Since they have no multipliers, make them have more base health and damage than ashigaru so that it at least makes somewhat sense to recruit them to be a brute force unit (that’s hard to mass since they depend on shogun and consulate).
  • Increase their siege damage to an amount that is proportional to their shooting grenades animation.
    *Make some HC cards affect them. I propose them either being yumi cards (extend them to all archer units, since very few use yabusame either way) and/or something like ‘‘Warring States’’ that apply to Samurai, Daimyo and Shogun Tokugawa, but few people ship it.

Hope you like the suggestions let me know what you think!

Not sure they are completely useless, but they could be better to make them used more. As for getting lots of them you can use good faith agreements to reduce the train time by 50%.

They are very relevant and not redundant. Mostly high level players use them in one of two ways:

  1. When you do an ashi rush and have japan consulate, you can add shinobi to your ashi, as they have not less speed than ashi. This makes japanese consulate even better.
  2. They can stealth, and thus can serve as easily replaceable and cheap scouts.

Many high level players even use 1000g cost shinobi card for anti mercenary

They are a good way to spend export and are very powerful because they represent more units. You seem to not understand the fact that no other Asian civ has the option to spend little amounts of export like Japan can. Every other civ has to hit Export breakpoints like 400. Until that point, they get nothing out of Export. But Japan can constantly train units while being below 400 export, making export much more useful.

Japan doesn’t need any buffs, instead, they need nerfs/tweaks. They still have horrible design issues like being able to train 10 Mortars next to their Shogun and snipe buildings, or ship units directly into the fight. This is just gimmicky and not fun to play against since there is no way to counter or prevent this since the shogun has such a high HP pool and even heals outside combat.

I don’t think you know what Shinobis are, you are probably talking about ninjas…

I agree, Japan needs nerfs, specially to ashigaru (which could actually make Shinobi slightly more relevant if the nerf is big enough). I’m just trying to give alternatives to their playstyle, not an overall buff. I’ve watcher many pro player games and only saw Shinobi being trained once (by Diarouga).

Spoiler alert, they got wrecked.