Shipment and age up order indicator (UI feature)

If I leave the game for a while, or if I want to try a civ I haven’t played in a while, I always get an awkward phase where I have to remember the order in which I use the card deck for the build.

The same happens with the age ups.

So, I propose a quality of life feature for the UI, it goes like this:

While creating the card deck, you can toggle a “card order editor”, in which you can add numbers (or letters) in the top right corner of every card, so that in-game you can always see which card you intended to send next in the build you created.

I made an edit below to see how intrusive it would be, so far, not a bother to me.

russians-deck - copia - copia

In a similar way, you could enter an age editor for each card deck you create, so you can do the same for the age ups.

What I do to remember the age ups is to write an abbreviation of each native leader in the card deck, like:

-“Land ElChWaWo” → Land 1v1 - First the elder, then chief, warrior and woman.
-“Water ElChWaWo” → Water 1v1 - First the elder, then chief, warrior and woman.

This however, doesn’t give space for any more clues as to what the strategy is, because I can only write so many characters in the card deck (Is it a rush deck? Cavalry focus? Boom focus?).

And it gets tricky for Asian age ups, as I barely remember the name of the buildings, much less the abbreviation…

For European ones, I just write in the end if I intend to go Imperial or with a revolution.

So yeah, that’d be my “xmas wish” for an update…

Any thoughts?