Ships all look the same to me

Naval balance feels like it’s been thrown in the game in half a days work, but the same goes for the looks.
I just can’t tell the difference between ships, especially early game ones when clumped together.

It could be a fishing boat, a junk, or it could explode in your face. Always a suprise unless you find time to actually click and inspect each boat…

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Unless you play Rus… other civ’s ships look very different to me.

I think its DELHI demoliton and fishing ship as well which u cannot even recognize when u have setting bellow medium.

I did love the ship art.

But the game do miss ship variety and in game logic mecanic.

Alow units to board ship!

On board close combat unit will trow rope and invade other ship, to take over.

Archer that will trow arrows, in the hope of killing on board units or burn the ship whit fire arrow.

Alow shiege units to set up on ship and attack normaly.

Game play could have been way bether, then we could have think of.

Mongol junk, fishing boat, and demo looks extremely similar.