Ships of Ottomans and Indians

Why do the ships of the two civs have European Cross symbol on their ship sails?
Shouldn’t they recieve their own designs?
Ottomans can get a Cresent/Sword and Indians can get a Surya/Dharma-Chakra design. Please devs it’s just a small texture request to make the two navies of the two civs more authentic.


Kindaf an awesome Suggestion! Very appreciable IMO

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Ottomans SHOULD have new sails, it makes absolutely no sense they use crosses.
For Indian ships, I am guessing you mean consulate ships? If that’s the case, remember they are still european units you are “hiring” for a lack of a better word, so it makes more sense for them to use sails with crosses. But more diversity couldn’t hurt.

No the regular ships. They have the same problem as the Ottomans…

They just released a patch with a fix for this!

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Oh wow, what an coincidence! Got to check it asap! :smiley: