Shoals is an awful, awful map

Seriously looks like a child designed it. The worst part is the stupidly spaced out single tiles of gold on the sides with unnecessary clumps of trees as obstacles. The water also has unnecessary trees and doesn’t even have deep water fish. Can’t believe anybody voted for this crap. I’ve played fan-made maps way better than some of these so called “official” maps.

If you haven’t already, you should play Ushguli, a map made by @TommoChocolate based on my idea for it, with a bit of creative liberties. It’s a good map.

Replace shore fish with deep fish and it will be a good map. It’s featured in tournaments like TTL already.

I personally love it, it’s like gold rush, but instead of a middle there’s 2 places to defend/attack, the middle instead has fish, but not a lot since it’s shore fish, the tower lets you defend your fishes early too, also the pond having walkable paths in the middle is really cool for surprise attacks, but that could result catastrophic if the enemy makes demos

Imo, a really, really fun map, it might even be my favourite ever


I don’t understand the complain. Played it only once so far, but I found the game to be quite fun. It’s definitely better than, e.g., golden swamp, which is similar in the sense that it’s a also a hybrid map with gold to fight over, but more one-dimensional in my opinion with less comeback options.

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As an open land map player, I really really hate it.
I hate water, I hate the stupid single gold piles, I hate the unnecessary tree clumps in the water and gold. It’s just another stupid prison / fish boom map all leading up to one big fight in imp. So boring

Most of my games in this map were won before I even reached imp tho, just feudal raid like any other map, or siege push in castle

I like the map but I don’t like the stock version of it that much. The TTL version with Deep Fish instead of Shore fish was much, much better.

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I don’t think there was a voting for this map pool. The devs reworked the voting screen, but it broke the voting functionality, so there are no map pool votings anymore. At least I didn’t saw it last week. I think all maps are dev choices currently.

I don’t like to play Shoals, but objectivly I think it is ok.

Morass and Crossroads excite me more.