Shotel Warrior is sick

It is completely sick, fast, strong, cheap, insane fast training time, actually you just feel like they are elite eagle warriors but without pierce armor and with insane attack (16/18 elite), they can totally eat anything and everything, just once the enemy start spamming them especially with their UT (Shotle warrior train instantly) you will never be able to stop them, they eat siege, they eat buildings, they eat anything, and i am completely sure now they need nerf, just how the hell you can stop them?!

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Play Michi with infinite resources. On a more serious note. Just use archers. Or rush them before they even get them out.


Classic Equalizer, with the typical posts of getting scared of all AOE2 things.


Man not scared i will tell what happend, i was Saracens, then i went all in Saracens Yolo market, i did 4 m@a and reached castle in 15 min with the insanse market, then drop siege and stable knights and sige i though it is gg he just fight back somehow then he build a castle and start spam flood shotels they ate everything i have, sige, monks, knights, then flood to my base, totally was a big joke

Juts mass archers or cavalry archers, Shotels are too fragile.

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It was too late, i went FC all in siege/knights/monks push, but those shotels completely big joke

Are you fatslob fan? I see you always talks about strats like what you said

I am even worse than him. I make infinite resources mods. And play Diplo games where resorues last forever. Turks are a nightmare in my games.


Hhhhhhahahahahaahahaah and you are a nightmare for me, i hate taking the game for the long term this is why my strats always all in crazy Yolo, just do or die

Shotel Warriors die pretty easily to Archers.

In the 2v2 World Cup Semifinals, MBL was able to win using Shotel Warriors because nobody had created archers in the opposite team. I agree that the spam was very extreme though, doing that sort of thing with Champions takes ages… so from that perspective it isn’t that balanced. The creation time should be slower.

However, I think any other “powerful” melee unit could have won that game anyway. MBL was very ahead of the opposite team… and not having any archers in a 2v2 game is almost a reason to lose.

Well if he could build a castle despite all your pressure and then beat your knights with shotels, then either you didn’t rush him hard enough or just went too all in and didn’t have the eco to muster enough army to match their numbers.

Regarding the unit in general, sure it’s fast, strong and created ultra fast, but as others said it’s really squishy and isn’t able to fight toe to toe against most units. Except eagle warriors, they shred those. Furthermore, Ethiopian pay this good raiding unit with quite a lot of tech tree slots. No champion, and pretty much only Mayan have worse cav than them among archer civs 11

Please stop posting useless stuff every time you loose a game. Blow your steam somewhere else.


It’s his choice what he wants to post on the forum. If you don’t like it, don’t give it attention.

On the subject of Shotels, they have literally zero survivability, and for their lifespan they’re incredibly expensive. For the same resources you could have two Karambits with a net 30 more HP, all the same bonuses, the same total Attack (once counting upgrades) and an extra melee armor. When the unit makes the Karambit look efficient, it’s a terrible unit for long-term efficiency.

Shotels are a win-now unit, a panic button. They snipe TC’s like nothing else and they can mass very fast, but at a high cost. If you can match their numbers with anything they’ll lose and the Ethiopian will lose shortly thereafter. They do a lot of damage to everything and take a lot of damage from everything. When you die to Shotels, they either got off a lethal raid because you didn’t properly track the army / wall the flanks, or because you simply didn’t produce enough. Unless you went Eagles.

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few month ago everyone complains about Shotel that they are too expensive, useless and die too fast and now we did it.
5g cheaper exactly proposed and the Dev listen to us. Now the hell one pro player ask about OP Shotel to need a nerf because he loses the game unexpected.


Is this a reaction to that Pro team game that was finished with Shotels, or to your own games?

Still, shotels are fine.


You should play as Ethiopians every game from now on, and report back on how much higher it makes your ELO if you go Shotel Warriors every game.


I’ve been doing a lot of shotel rushes recently. It has been quite successful and has pushed my elo a bit higher. But TBH I think it’s just because so many people underrate them. The way you counter them is just by showing them a little bit of respect. If you see them coming, wall like hell, build a castle, make army. If you survive the first wave you should win the game. It’s incredibly difficult to transfer into another unit composition after a shotel rush.

Is this a reaction to that Pro team game that was finished with Shotels, or to your own games?
Still, shotels are fine.

I suspect the former…